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  • polymetrica 6:39 pm on February 24, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Interview, Love Live!   

    【Interview】 BiBi on Love Live! School Idol Festival 

    Did a thing and need to post it somewhere. I-It’s not like I’m reviving this blog or anything!

    Courtesy of

    A translation of the BiBi interview from the Love Live! School Idol Festival Official Fanbook.

    BiBi is a sub-unit of μ’s, consisting of seiyuus 南條愛乃 (NANJOU Yoshino; voice of Eli), Pile (voice of Maki), and 徳井青空 (Tokui Sora; voice of Nico).

    Scans courtesy of cowboybibimbop at mogyutto:

    Related links
    Love Live! Official Website (JP):
    Love Live! School Idol Festival Official Website (JP):
    Love Live! School Idol Festival Official Website (EN):
    Love Live! School Idol Festival Official Fanbook on CDJapan:

    (More …)

  • polymetrica 9:29 pm on January 8, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    【Singers】 ClariS / Alice☆Clara (アリス☆クララ) 


    ClariS is a musical unit consisting of two singers, Alice and Clara. They are most well-known for their first major debut song “irony”, which was used as the opening theme to the anime adaptation of Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない). ClariS is also notable in that both members of the unit are still middle school students and also that Alice and Clara never show their faces, instead being represented by illustrations from various artists such as redjuice, Aoki Ume, and Kanzaki Hiro. According to theirofficial bio, ClariS means “bright, clean, and brilliant” in Latin, and Alice and Clara’s old website also reveals some other interesting facts – Alice’s hobby is dancing, her special ability is swimming, and her favourite subject is English, while Clara’s special ability is playing the piano, her favourite subject is music, and if she was stranded on a deserted island, she would choose to bring her cell phone.

    Before making their major debut as ClariS, Alice and Clara posted covers of songs under the unit name of Alice☆Clara (アリス☆クララ) on niconico. Their most popular cover is of “only my railgun”, which has more than 1,400 Mylists as of this post. However, the majority of their works are not niconico chart-toppers at all, with many of their submissions gathering under 200 Mylists. Despite this, Alice and Clara caught the eye of the staff at anime music magazine LisAni! and were chosen to be the vocalists of two exclusive original songs, Drop and Kimi no Yume wo Miyou (君の夢を見よう). Both songs were composed by kz (livetune) with illustrations from redjuice.

    ClariS’s sound reflects the meaning of their unit name quite well – both Alice and Clara consistently sing in bright and clear voices. Although their voices are admittedly not very unique, they fit in very well with the pop genre, and to sum up ClariS’s current works, their songs are comfortable and easy to listen to. Despite being in the “musical comfort zone” for now, one of ClariS’s most attractive characteristics right now is their potential, as kz of livetune observed.

    Essential Works:
    1. irony
    2. Drop
    3. only my railgun (niconico link)

    ClariS Official Website:
    Alice☆Clara Website:
    Alice☆Clara’s Mylist:
    ClariS at SonyMusic:
    LisAni! on ClariS:
    kz(livetune) on ClariS:

    • lelangir 6:16 pm on January 19, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Holy crap middle schoolers? Insane. Congrats to them!

    • minoru 9:24 am on January 17, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Love their voices! Now they’re working with ryo too in Nisemonogatari ED

  • polymetrica 11:12 pm on January 4, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    【Loot】Various Spoils from 2010 

    What better way to end a hiatus AND ring in a new year than with a loot post?


    This post is a continuation of the previous loot post and includes all items I have acquired since then.

    (More …)

    • kyouray 9:17 am on January 5, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      I wondered some days ago if you had forgotten this blog :p
      You should watch NieA_7 anime.

    • Yi 6:36 pm on January 5, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      For a second there, I thought it was Soutaiseiriron (相対性理論), but Souaiseiriron is just as awesome.

      So many lovely items, especially all those art books! I’m jealous. ^ ^

      • polymetrica 8:22 pm on January 5, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Yeah, while I was typing up Souaiseiriron I was thinking that at least one person would definitely misread it as Soutaiseiriron. Actually been looking for Soutaiseiriron albums at Book Off for centuries but they’ve never appeared, unfortunately. Thanks for reading and commenting!!

    • Domomo 2:07 am on January 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Oh thanks for reminding me I need to buy and read brave story

    • slykick 11:36 pm on July 6, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Wow nice loot! Btw where does the cover image for that Kikan S magazine come from? It looks really similar to Takeshi Obata’s work.

  • polymetrica 9:22 pm on May 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Ga-Rei -Zero-   

    【Anime】 喰霊-零- / Ga-Rei -Zero- 

    More old anime.


    Title: 喰霊-零- (Ga-Rei -Zero-)
    Studio: AIC Spirits and asread
    Director: あおきえい (AOKI Ei)
    Original Creator: 瀬川はじめ (HASEGAWA Hajime)
    Episodes: 12
    Genre: Seinen (Drama, Supernatural, Action)
    Status: Completed, not licensed.
    My Rating: 9.3/10

    Ga-Rei -Zero- is set in an alternate version of Japan riddled with destructive supernatural spirits which regular people cannot see. In order to protect its citizens, two factions of the government have set up specialized teams dedicated to fighting against these spirits, and the most elite teams employ members which have the natural ability to perceive spirits, fighting against them with unique exorcizing weapons. The series follows the missions of the elite teams and explores the relationships between the members. Ga-Rei -Zero- is the anime-original prequel to the original manga Ga-Rei by HASEGAWA Hajime. -Zero- does not assume any knowledge of the manga on the part of the viewer.

    Review: This is a series which the viewer should start watching without knowing anything, as its main appeal, in my opinion, is in its unpredictability and shock factor. The first-time viewer only needs to know that the series is good to incredible and is worth a watch, and should not be given clues as to the series progression. I highly advise against looking at anything related to Ga-Rei -Zero- (besides this post, maybe) if you have not seen it before. Also, try not to read any episode summaries (especially avoid Episode 1 summaries) or look at reviews which detail parts of the plot. Perhaps hold off on reading the manga as well. I also do not recommend marathoning the series in one or two sittings. I did so in a single sitting, and it was not to the best effect. I believe I could have had an even better experience had I paced myself and watched 1-2 episodes at a time to give myself more time to think about all the things that happened.

    Because of my firm belief in not disclosing anything relevant about the plot in Ga-Rei -Zero-, I will not mention any character names or specific events which happened in the series. This will be a spoiler-free review about the general elements which I found noteworthy.

    I highly recommend this series to anyone mature enough to cope with relatively brutal and graphic violence, and to those looking for a compact but substantial and exciting series. I especially recommend this to those who like unpredictability and like to have their expectations destroyed. As this is a relatively heavy series, I do not recommend it to those looking for quick entertainment or those who are currently in very low spirits.

    (More …)

    • Shin 9:13 am on May 18, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      The shock factor sort of wore out for me after the first episode. It then all felt like pseudo yuri thriller bullshit.

      In case you’re wondering, I have not watched Ga-Rei Zero past the 4th episode.

      • TheBigN 6:36 am on May 28, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Your giving me to be disappointed in you for many reasons, Shin. :P

        As to the topic at hand, Ga-Rei -Zero- is one of the better series to come out in the past couple of years, with how they balance genres and elements well, like you’ve said, as well as in doing a good job telling the story of an inevitable end.

    • Ring2 2:40 pm on June 13, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      I really2 like this of the best. for me..nice to see you gave it high rating.

      and topic: i noticed that your tweets count has been reduced by thousands. Did you delete them or they just simply….loss?

    • suzushirou 7:55 pm on September 1, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      yeah, even the most vehement Minorintards (myself included) would have a hard time defending most of her voice work… Touka from Saki was probably her best role and even that got annoying after a while :/

    • Cyuu 10:15 pm on January 26, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Yes! 黄泉 was my favorite character!!

    • MkMiku 5:52 pm on April 13, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks for the review. This reminds me of how awesome this anime was. From the very first episode to finding out its a prequel, this anime brought plenty of surprises. The CG didn’t bother me that much, since the rest of the animation was so darn good. The OP theme is still one of my favorites.

    • RiyaButler 8:56 pm on May 24, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      I’m an American. I wish to Put in place an Animation Studio in India. Right now i’m researching for animators. I preferred India considering it is more cost-effective as compared with U.S. I want to learn the steps for setting up a company in India, primarily an animation studio.

      Can you fellas please guide me out?

    • dakuro 10:38 am on October 21, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      For me it was a great anime i don’t know why it was so short and never a prequel and sequel about this anime.

  • polymetrica 12:13 am on May 1, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Enomoto,   

    【Illustrator】 榎本 (Enomoto) 

    Missed posting in April by about an hour and twelve minutes.


    Cover illustration for Enomoto’s Costume 3 doujinshi, released March 19th, 2006.

    榎本 (Enomoto) is a professional freelance illustrator who also does doujinshi releases under the circle name BND. However, she is not currently looking for new projects or commissions to work on¹. She was born in 1979 in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan². Enomoto likes suits, and some of her favourite foods include tofu, vegetables, vitamin-type beverages, kimchi, cheese, and potatoes¹. She says that she has been on a diet for an eternity, but sometimes she has a tremendous craving for anpan¹. She also describes herself as drowsily³. Enomoto has worked on card game and BL novel illustrations. She has also done a colour comic for Volume 4 of Robot Super Color Comic. Enomoto mainly uses her digital tablet with an LCD screen⁴ with software such as SAI³, Photoshop², and Painter².

    Enomoto seems to be friends with Wada rco and has worked with her on a few occasions, though they do not act together as a unit⁴. They both participated on providing designs for two tfarm t-shirts, collaborated on a doujinshi along with 芥川明 (AKUTAGAWA Akira), and distrubuted bonus sketch prints with purchases of each other’s doujin releases. They have also sold their doujinshi at the same table. As well, Enomoto and Wada rco were born in the same year².


    変幻獣バブルドリアード (Transformed Beast Bubble Dryad) from the Second Century Basic Pack of the Dimension Zero Trading Card Game.

    Enomoto’s style can be best described as realistic, mature, and classy. Her characters are almost always fully-featured and detailed with actual noses, lips, and eyelashes, and usually sport normally-proportioned bodies, but she can also draw more stylized body types as well. She also seems to know how to shade skin in all the right places, which shows in the many near-nude to nude artwork she produces. She also seems to like designing creative and lavish costumes, and as such, many of her characters are drawn in static poses so as to model their very unique and never repetitive clothing. Admittedly, illustrations where characters are depicted in very lively poses number few. As well, Enomoto’s character designs rarely, if ever, look rehashed, but the expressions on her characters usually do not depict much emotion, and instead usually range from subdued and neutral stares to slightly content smiles. There are, of course, exceptions, but the majority of her finished artwork have characters of the less expressive variety. In addition to drawing female characters, which tend to be the usual, Enomoto is more than capable of drawing masculine-looking men and even animals. Enomoto’s versatility is not limited to the above examples.

    Enomoto is also no stranger to depicting relatively lush backgrounds, either, although back in 2004 she said that she was especially unskilled at drawing scenery². However, Enomoto’s backgrounds are well-coordinated and can be very complementary, but her preference for not drawing backgrounds shows as the large majority of her artwork have none. When she does draw them, though, she tends to depict nature, which in many cases include trees, as she said that she finds branches fun to draw².

    The colours which Enomoto frequently utilize further enhance the mature feel of her style, as she uses mainly muted and dark colours. The colours which she uses most include dark browns, dark greens, and black. Her colouring style usually looks as if it was done with coloured pencils, as the colours are solid though slightly blended and has some degree of layering, but the majority of her artwork is done digitally. Enomoto’s shading is very well done, shows a lot of depth, and seems to use different shades, such as purple, for shading, rather than merely choosing a darker shade of the same colour.

    Past doujinshi releases:
    Interview with enomoto and Wada rco at tfarm:

    1 – Website: “first” link
    2 – Kikan S Volume 5, 2004 Winter, page 28-29
    3 – Pixiv
    4 – tfarm interview

    • Kitsune 7:21 am on May 1, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you for mentioning this artist :)

      I like her use of color, textures, and unique costume design :)

    • Meisan 8:48 pm on June 14, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      I’m illustrator, also love his work.:D

    • Jay 6:23 pm on January 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Oh wow that cover illustration is gorgeous x).

  • polymetrica 10:01 pm on March 25, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Directors   

    【Anime】 Ani*Kuri15 

    Old but good.


    Title: Ani*Kuri15
    Studio: GONZO, Production I.G, GAINAX, Studio 4°C, MADHOUSE, Comix Wave Film, Satelight
    Directors: MAEDA Mahiro, YABUTA Tatsuya (with Murata Range), TAKEUCHI Atsushi, HAYASHI Akemi, OSHII Mamoru, Michael Arias, KON Satoshi, ODA Tobira and SHIMIZU Yasuyuki, SHINKAI Makoto, NISHIMI Shoujirou, NAKAZAWA Kazuto, KAWAMORI Shoji, SOEJIMA Yasufumi, KIMURA Shinji, and KOBAYASHI Osamu.
    Episodes: 15
    Genre: Short experimental animation
    Status: Completed, not licensed
    My Rating: 9.0/10

    Ani*Kuri 15 was a short animation series which aired on NHK from 2007 to 2008. Each episode was one minute and was directed and animated by different directors and studios. There were a total of three seasons, with 5 episodes each. These shorts have no recurring theme due to the differences in producers, but they were all meant to showcase a sample of the variety of styles and themes found in Japanese animation.

    Wikipedia: Ani*Kuri15

    Review: This covers all fifteen episodes, but some “reviews” are shorter than others. Majority of reviews do not include summaries. The episodes and main producers are listed as “director name” x “production studio name”. Click on the title to see a frame from the short. Recommended ones are asterisked.

    I (highly) recommend this series to anyone interested in exploring the different styles present in the Japanese animation scene, and it’s a very good starting point for getting to know all the studios and directors showcased here.

    (More …)

    • TheBigN 2:15 pm on April 12, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Ani*Kuri15 is a solid experience and experiment, and it’s one that I will be replicated again in the future. That being said, I really enjoyed the opening music to the work itself, and I wish I could find it. :P

    • nxia 8:31 pm on April 28, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      This page has been around my browser more a month now and I was very hesitant to close this tab.
      I was finally convinced to watch it and so far i’m still on episode 2 but i’m totally loving the series. thanks for the very informative review! :)

  • polymetrica 12:38 am on February 11, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: ARIA, Chobits, Comickers, Emma, , , Mirai Nikki, , Tenhiro Naoto   

    【Loot】Kikan S, The Art of Sister Princess, and Various Manga from Book Off 

    A month goes by so quickly these days.

    Book Off is a chain of used bookstores, although the stores also have some new books for sale, such as newly released manga tankoubon. They sell almost exclusively Japanese books, but the overseas branches have sections devoted to books in the respective domestic language as well. They operate mainly in Japan, but have branches in Seoul, South Korea; the United States; Vancouver, Canada; and Paris, France.

    Official Site:
    Book Off at Wikipedia:

    Trip I

    • The Art of Sister Princess – 天広直人画集 – Naoto Tenhiro Illustrations: $4.00
    • 季刊S (Kikan S) Vol. 19, Summer 2007: $2.00
    • ARIA Vol. 9: $5.00
    • ARIA Vol. 11: $5.00

    Total: $16.00

    Trip II

    • Kikan S Vol. 3, Summer 2003: $2.00
    • Kikan S Vol. 4, Autumn 2003: $2.00
    • Kikan S Vol. 5, Winter 2004: $2.00
    • Kikan S Vol. 8, Autumn 2004: $2.00
    • Kikan S Vol. 20, Autumn 2007: $2.00
    • Comickers Art Style Vol. 3: $2.00
    • Pluto Vol. 3 (Big Comics Special ver.): $2.00
    • Chobits Vol. 2: $2.00
    • Emma Vol. 1: $2.00
    • Mirai Nikki Vol. 2: $2.00

    Total: $20.00

    (More …)

    • WanderingMind 1:02 am on February 11, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Nice finds! I should go to a Book Off while I’m here in Japan.

    • Shin 6:06 am on February 11, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Still waiting on scans of you know what :9

    • mefloraine 6:27 pm on February 11, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Looks like you got some nifty stuff. They should open one of those near my house…I’d buy it out.

    • mgx 10:10 am on March 4, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      ‘one of the best pages in a manga ever’

      whats so special about that page? it looks ordinary to me.

      • polymetrica 10:23 am on March 4, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        It’s one of my favourite scenes in a manga, a page that pertains to my personal interests.

    • charizardpal 5:33 pm on November 12, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      I love book off! You can get manga for like a little more than a dollar if you live in Japan and go to one…its too bad there are none like that in the US and we’re stuck buying manga at exhoborant prices.

  • polymetrica 9:53 pm on January 8, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , YOSHITSUGI   

    【Illustrator/PV Animator】吉田ドンドリアン / ヨシツギ (YOSHIDA Dondorian / YOSHITSUGI) 

    I’m aliv-


    Hatsune Miku from Crypton’s Character Vocal Series. Original line art for this available at illustrator’s Pixiv.

    吉田ドンドリアン (YOSHIDA Dondorian), also known professionally under ヨシツギ (YOSHITSUGI), is an up-and-coming illustrator best known on Pixiv for her distinctive and abstract watercolour style. She has also forayed into illustrating and compiling videos for Vocaloid songs on niconico, the most recent of which was for river’s アン・イノセンス (Un-Innocence). In addition to illustrating for leisure, she has also drawn artwork professionally for various publications, such as Kodansha’s Faust magazine and Megami Creators, and has made a website, done art direction, drawn artwork, and done CD jacket design for two of Voltage of Imagination’s CDs’ sites. Yoshida’s birthday is on December 21st, resides in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, likes to paint and illustrate with analog tools and techniques, and when working digitally, uses Adobe Photoshop CS3 on Windows Vista.

    Yoshida’s style is of a relatively abstract and watercolour-like style that incorporates many vibrant colours, little to no shading and quite a bit of subtle and faded floral patterns. She almost exclusively draws female characters, but unlike most JPN illustrators, she gives little precedence on characters’ faces and expressions, and rather strives to create a spectacle with the entire picture as a whole, taking more priority in colour, composition, and theme. Her characters’ eyes are very round, and they typically sport only subdued or calm expressions. They are also drawn in static poses most of the time, with characters either standing, falling, or floating(?), but these types of arrangements really do add to the peaceful and calm atmosphere that most of her illustrations give off. The fact that Yoshida doesn’t employ traditional shading techniques is also a unique feature, and as a substitution to the absence of shading, she instead indicates depth by layering darker colours on the lighter ones and melding them together for a gradual and delicate effect. She also uses lightly coloured, sometimes faded lines to enhance this look.


    Macne Nana as depicted in 月ノ魚 (Tsuki no Sakana) by 一本勝負P(IpponshoubuP).

    Other than the background-less, single-character style, Yoshida is also capable of producing another style where she often draws an undetailed character put against an near-abstract background splashed with solid colour. In this style, Yoshida usually combines deep, dark colours against vibrant, practically neon shades to make a statement, and in many cases she makes use of only one main colour and their respective shades. The highest recurring primary colour used in these works seems to be blue. Colour coordination is unique, but the contrast in colours may sometimes be a little too strong. As well, Yoshida makes a lot less use of the transparent qualities prominently seen in her character-focused artwork, but when she combines her two styles, the results are quite stunning (See the image above this paragraph).

    It is worthwhile to note that about half of Yoshida’s works are non-digitally done with colour ink, which is why there’s noticeable colour bleeding in most pictures, and why she also seems to have a good understanding of how to emulate the bleed and transparent effects in digital works as well. Moreover, Yoshida’s artwork may be slightly reminiscent of shimeko’s (しめ子 at Pixiv) style at first, but Yoshida’s are quite a bit more natural (in both analog and digital examples) as shimeko’s style has no bleed, more sharp, clean lines, and everything is much softer and blurred – all of which are small clues that hint at the digitality of shimeko’s illustrations. (For two digital examples, Yoshida | shimeko. Note the points at which the soft colours fade into white – Yoshida’s has more spread and dark edges at the end before becoming white.)

    Lastly, Yoshida’s PV style is as creative and sometimes as abstract as her illustrations, but they mostly employ basic animation effects and a high number of static illustrations. Despite the supposed and deceiving simplicity of execution, the PV for Un-Innocence is perhaps one of the most artistic and original Vocaloid PVs out there. Please take a look.

    Essential Works – PV:
    1. アン・イノセンス (Un-Innocence) (niconico link) **Highly Recommended**
    2. Colchicum! (niconico link)
    3. 月ノ魚 (Tsuki no Sakana/Fish of the Moon) (niconico link)


    • Smankh 2:11 pm on January 27, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Yoshitsugi did the artworks for the booklet of the C71 Voltage of Imagination album “The Borderline of Morning Glow” (vgmdb link : Songs are performed by Chata. I recommend that particular track り・あ・るるる (please listen to the entirety of the track).

      Yes the same Chata that sang Dango Daikazoku.

    • Orcinus 7:11 pm on February 10, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Looks like I’ll have to start experimenting with neon paints and inks. I’m excited; got a week off tomorrow.

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