【Interview】 BiBi on Love Live! School Idol Festival

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Courtesy of mogyutto.tumblr.com

A translation of the BiBi interview from the Love Live! School Idol Festival Official Fanbook.

BiBi is a sub-unit of μ’s, consisting of seiyuus 南條愛乃 (NANJOU Yoshino; voice of Eli), Pile (voice of Maki), and 徳井青空 (Tokui Sora; voice of Nico).

Scans courtesy of cowboybibimbop at mogyutto: http://mogyutto.tumblr.com/post/94234342776

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Interviewer – Grey
Jorno (NANJOU Yoshino) – Cyan
Pile – Red
Soramaru (TOKUI Sora) – Pink

― Since you all started playing LLSIF since it first came out, could you tell me about your initial impressions of the game?

Jorno: The first time I saw the cards in the game, it was full of regular club members [i.e. Not μ’s], so I thought “I want to hurry up and get all nine μ’s members!” (laughs)
Soramaru: I put Nico as my center ever since I did my first draw. I wanted to hear my voice, so when I got to the main screen I touched Nico’s picture many times to hear it (laughs)
Jorno: I get what you mean! Even though it’s my own voice I still wanted to hear it [in the game].
Pile: I also wanted to hear myself voicing Maki-chan in the game, but I never got Maki in my draws…
Jorno: It’s kind of like a “greed sensor”, isn’t it (laughs). The ones that I want didn’t appear at all either…
Soramaru: Totally! In my case, I got Elichika and Maki-chan, but I didn’t get any Nico… Especially the UR Nico, it didn’t appear at all!
Pile: For me, it’s Maki that I can’t seem to get. Even when I get URs, it’s all Nico!
Jorno: Even when there’s a BiBi-only draw…
All 3: We don’t get what we want!

― Not getting the ones you want seems to be the same for everyone I guess (laughs). So, what do you think are the most appealing points of LLSIF?

Jorno: Playing μ’s songs is a big one, but I think being able to hear all the girls’ voices is a huge draw as well. Each member has a different voice that you can listen to, and when you bond max an awakened idol you can read her side story. It’s because of this that I naturally keep playing and leveling up… there’s no end to it (laughs).
Pile: Even though it’s a rhythm game where you play while listening to the songs, you can still listen to the songs with the game open (like when you’re commuting) so it’s just like a jukebox.
Soramaru: What I want from a smartphone application is lots of talking and lots of cute pictures. In LLSIF, even when it’s downloading something you can keep tapping the characters to make them talk, so I can’t stop tapping them (laughs). Even if I don’t get the card I want, the cute illustrations keep on coming, so I keep wanting to collect them all.
Jorno: Plus, the envelopes have different colours when you do a draw, right? Whenever I see a dark pink envelope fly out, I think “It’s here!” and I like this [feeling] (laughs).
Pile: And then there’s the sadness of when only regular envelopes come out… (laughs)
Soramaru: My user ID is open to the public so when there is a Score Match going on I announce on Twitter that I’m playing right now. I think it’s fun to be able to interact with fans by competing with them [in the game].

― Earlier Pile mentioned that she plays [LLSIF] during her commute, does everyone also play when they’re on the move?

Pile: I play a lot [during my commute].
Jorno: I do play on the train, but I do “muon shanshan” (Note: muted play).

Courtesy of mogyutto.tumblr.com
Teams that BiBi use in LLSIF. From left to right: Pile, Jorno, Soramaru

― Wow, muted play! But isn’t it hard to tap to the notes in time when you mute the game?

Jorno: Actually, it’s not that bad.
Pile: For example the sound doesn’t mislead you?
Jorno: Yup. In my head I have an idea of which notes [I need to tap], but when I listen to the song, there’s sometimes a difference between the notes [in the game and in my head]. “Ohh, there weren’t 3 consecutive taps here. It’s actually slower” kind of thing. If I follow the notes inside my head, I can even play it when I’m listening to a different song.
Soramaru: I’d like to try it! Sounds fun! (laughs)
Jorno: But I only do that when I’m outside (laughs). When I’m at home I play with all the bells and whistles.
Soramaru: I can’t play at all if I don’t put my smartphone on [a table or something stable], so I don’t play in the train and I mostly focus on doing that at home. When I do [play at home] I play with my index and middle fingers.

― Everyone seems to be playing mainly on the smartphone, but do any of you play on the tablet too?

Soramaru: When I was filming the LLSIF CM, I was playing on the tablet, but the intensity is quite different!
Pile: It’s because the screen is bigger I guess. For me I still feel like it’s easier to play on the smartphone.
Jorno: Rippi (note: Iida Riho) plays on the iPad, and during our lunch breaks I would play with Rippi and Kussun (note: Kusuda Aina) and we’d play on the iPad together by splitting it into 3 (laughs). “I’ll take care of these three notes” kind of thing.
Soramaru: I’ve also used the iPad mini to play it with two people, but when you play doubles you need to make compromises for the center (laughs).

― Speaking of which, it seems like everyone has been playing a lot, so what rank are you?

Soramaru: My rank’s not very high at all!
Jorno: I restarted the game once so my rank’s not very high.
Pile: I just play the game normally and I got to Rank 44. My Rank doesn’t go up much~
Jorno: Oh!? Me, I’m Rank 53.
Soramaru: I started playing right from the beginning but I’m only at Rank 34 (laughs)
Jorno: I guess I actually play a lot (laughs). Plus, I tried really hard to get SS (score and combo rank S) on “WILD STARS” and “Susume Tomorrow” so there are some traces left from that.
Soramaru: “Nawatobi” and “Natsu, Owaranaide” are pretty relaxed songs but they’re surprisingly hard.
Pile: Anyway [when I play] on Hard I get impatient then I can’t stay in sync with the rhythm anymore and end up going “oi!” (laughs).

― Does everyone play the more difficult songs [in the game]?

Jorno: I cleared two Expert songs.
Soramaru: Wow! I really like playing on Normal but it doesn’t give much EXP…
Pile: I usually play on Hard mode. The goal [I set for myself] is to get a Full Combo so that’s what I have in mind when I play (laughs). It feels good when I get an S-rank combo. I guess I haven’t full comboed “Kaguya no Shiro de Odoritai”. And I still can’t seem to clear
soldier game! That one is super hard, isn’t it!
Soramaru: In Score Match I get to play songs I haven’t unlocked yet so there I got to play “Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki” on Hard, and it was really hard.

― It’s really appealing how all of the μ’s members are fully voiced in LLSIF, but are there any stories or dialogue that left a strong impression on you?

Jorno: In Eli’s side stories there were times when she acted very boldy, as if tempting the player [who is reading it], to the point where I was thinking “Huh, did I record this?” (laughs). There was a part about watching fireworks together and in this scene Eli said something like “It would be nice if someone would strongly embrace me…umm…I meant that I want you to do this,” and I thought “Uhh, Eli…what, did I say that?” (laughs). It’s the line that I find the most shocking and it also happens to be a line that I’ve taken to recently.
Soramaru: The line that gets me is “Nico no dansu, joozu?” (“Nico’s dance, wasn’t it great?”) which plays when a song ends. I’d like to say “Was I good?” at the end of a live performance too (laughs). I also really like all the short shout-outs that play when a skill activates [during a song].
Pile: I have Kotori-chan as the center of my unit, and when a song ends she says “Susume~ Susume~!”, which I find cute and soothing.

― And finally, can you tell me what are some things you would like to see in LLSIF?

Soramaru: I think everyone would like it if there was an arcade version of LLSIF!
Pile: I’d like to play that!
Soramaru: Something like “Put in 100 yen-nico!”
Jorno: Whenever you put in a coin you could make it say “Harasho!, I think it’d be interesting if it said “Harasho!” (laughs).
Pile: And when you stop playing the game it’d say “Nanisore, imi wakannai!” (laughs).
Soramaru: You could even limit [the arcade machine] to [use in] gaming conventions only, so please make it.

Results of the 11-card Premium Draw

To commemorate (?) the LLSIF interview, each member of BiBi took a stab at the 11-card premium draw. Here are the results!

Pile’s Results

Top-batter is Pile-san. She drew one SR but there was a problem with the equipment so she rolled a second time. The result is as you see in the picture, R only.

Soramaru’s Results

Unfortunately, second batter Tokui-san also had R only. The SR guaranteed draw had just ended the day before the interview so… oops?

Jorno’s Results

And last but not least is Nanjou-san. As staff and members were hoping for, [Nanjou-san] splendidly drew two URs and one SR. Everyone cheered!

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