【Illustrator】 CHAN×CO


CHAN×CO (pronounced chan-ko) is an amateur male illustrator. However, he has become very well-known in the Vocaloid world for his very cute and distinctive chibi illustrations. Some random facts about him is that he likes AMANO Tsukiko’s songs, lives in Chiba prefecture, and uses a Wacom Intuos 3 in a Windows XP environment. Also, despite producing such cute stuff, he is indeed male. He is part of ZANEEDS a Vocaloid music group led by composer ZANIO, as their illustrator.

His chibi style speaks for itself as it is actually instantly recognizable, but his regular, serious attempt drawings are also easily distinguishable. They are characterized by very clean lines, relatively vibrant colours, and kind of an anime-style solid shading and lighting, but with a little less contrast between shades to make it seem smoother. He rarely draws backgrounds for his pictures, and usually paints on a single colour canvas. To put it shortly, everything abut his style screams clean and sleek. However, he sometimes wanders out of his normal style and puts out some very quality work, such as this popular picture.

Website: http://www7b.biglobe.ne.jp/~insidebox/
Pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=35693
Piapro: http://piapro.jp/chan
Twitter: http://twitter.com/chan_co

【Lyrics】 ボカラン詐欺 (Vocaloid Ranking Fraud)

That song everyone is addicted to.

This post consists of four parts:
1. Uploader’s comment
2. Original lyrics
3. Transliteration
4. Translation (+Notes on context)

Click on the song title to hear the song on Youtube, or you can click here to hear it on nicovideo. My translation might be a little messy so if you have any corrections just leave and comment and I’ll change it. Thanks!


Uploader’s comment:
I am the uploader’s mother.
My son, who at this time is in poor health, is happy to present to you his first uploaded work.
Please, everyone, I beg of you, please…Support my son’s video.

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Things I Am Excited About 【July Ep2】

It might not look like it, but this post took a very long time to compile because WordPress’s editor is clunky as hell. ARGH.


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  • ざにお‘s (zanio, aka パイパンP) new gag(?) song, ボカラン詐欺 (Vocaloid Ranking Fraud), is very funny and addictive. リツカ (RITSUKA) even did a cover for it lolol.
  • OneRoom (aka ジミーサムP)’s first full Vocaloid album Toy Box, released on July 29th with cover art by ゆのみ (yunomi).
  • cosMo (aka 暴走P), is participating in DEBUTANTE 4 and changes name to Storyteller. His entry is titled ANTI THE∞HOLiC.
  • Persona 4 Vocal Selection in high quality with very accurate Japanese translation of the English lyrics.
  • 君の知らない物語 (Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari) finally gets an animated sequence as the ending theme of Bakemonogatari, and also has an official PV video preview up. I’m assuming the latter will be what’s on the limited First Press edition DVD of the single release.