I am now obsessed with posting. Anyways, yocky is probably also one of my favourites, but really, I love all the artists I post about. They are all so incredible I can’t rationally pick favourites and stick with them.

Original rough sketch

yocky (pronounced as よっき, and real name is いしだゆきひろ) does mainly card illustrations of the fantasy genre for series such as The Key of Avalon 2 (アヴァロンの鍵弐) and Duel masters, but lately has delved into doing character designs for video games such as Deltora Quest and Populous DS. He mostly specialized in drawing monsters or other big fantasy things, but lately he’s been drawing a lot of top-notch portraits and characters.

Cover illustration for the novel Time Dive 1986

His style is really easy to recognize because all of his drawings are so uniquely intricate, and there’s always a really high degree of realism in them, despite the fantasy-type style. Sometimes I think that they’ll come to life or something. His colouring is really effective too. There are usually a lot of different colours in them, but they all seem to blend in somehow, and they’re rarely overdone, if ever. I don’t know, but something about his illustrations move me so much that I feel like crying when I look at them, especially the picture in this post and this picture. I really could just stare at one of his sketches forever. Sorry for my inability to articulate just what his art is like, but it’s really hard to describe.

It pains me that even though 590,000+ hits on his website, he doesn’t really seem to be talked about anywhere. I really do believe that he deserves more attention (and more artbooks please), because my goodness he is talented.

Site: http://www.yocky.biz/
Pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=252221

Is it just me or are these posts getting longer?

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