【Visual Novel】月照~ツキノテラス~ / Moonshine


Finished this short (~2 hours), free, doujin VN some nights ago and it is really awesome. Even though some of the themes might make people go “Whaa?! That is not right!”, in the end it’s just a bittersweet love story, but without the overly deliberate mushy crap that most romance-themed things have. I really like this. Also, the art and music (theme song especially) are extremely good for a free game! There is also voice acting for the “female” lead. The translation was nice too. It’s written in a pretty simple language, but it’s really touching…even I think so. Please play it!

There is even an English translation from al|together, so nobody has an excuse. I plan to play it in its original form with extended scenarios when I can get it installed. /o\

Official Site: http://www.sakuramint.net/tsukiteras/tsuki_index.htm (JPN)
English translation site at al|together: http://altogether.insani.org/2008/4.html
Theme song at Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOnouItBOps