RE:Kimi ni Todoke 4

I swear I’m not obsessed with this series.

Does that look like the face of a terrible mastermind to you!!

Another superb episode titled “Rumours” that follows chapter 4 of the manga exactly, with select modified scenes from Chapter 5 and about two anime-original scenes. Unlike the last episode, episode 4’s tone was quite heavy, with only three or four humourous scenes, but being the high quality shoujo that Kimi ni Todoke is, it’s not overly dramatic or silly at all, and is pretty easy to relate to. The internal agonies of the four main characters here are slightly heartwrenching(?), and the episode might make one break out in a few tears if one is highly sensitive to the plights of our dear characters. If I remember correctly, the manga version of this arc drove me insane with grief or whatever it was for a few minutes.

Gist(?) of the episode: Continuing from Episode 3, the drama being brought up here is that Sawako is supposedly spreading rumours about Sano and Yoshida, and that she’s also a terrible mastermind who commands Kazehaya with Sano and Yoshida backing her up. Obviously that’s not the case, and Sano and Yoshida don’t believe the rumours, but the two start to have their doubts after seeing a few things that test their confidence in the matter. Sano and Yoshida ask Sawako what she thinks of them, she half-replies that she “doesn’t like them, but…”, and the two just cut her off and assume that Sawako really doesn’t like them. Sawako notices that her friends look down, and after hearing the rumours about how she herself is supposedly making Sano, Yoshida, and Kazehaya miserable, she decides that the best action to take is to avoid her three friends so she doesn’t hurt them anymore. This avoidance technique makes the three sad and worsens the situation.

Production I.G. is so Incredibly Great that it looks nice even in crapres.

The next episode is called 決意 (Ketsui/Decision), which has the same title as Chapter 6 in the manga. Ketsui also happens to be the title of a very good shmup by CAVE, but that has nothing to do with this series (Unfortunately!).

On another note, the Kimi ni Todoke DS game (育てる思い/Sodateru Omoi/Nurturing Feelings) came out last week! I haven’t played it, but it basically puts you in Sawako’s shoes as you go through all the manga scenarios, with a few original scenes written especially for the game. The limited first press edition version comes with a cellphone strap with a Sawako charm on the end that changes colour depending on how much light it gets. (Termed as a UV strap)

RE:Aoi Bungaku 2

Of course the one time I should have no free time I catch up on animu.

This is the shota character of the series. (His true identity is actually the Ghost of No Longer Human Past.)

Finally watched two episodes of this slightly overlooked series. Motivation was due to reading reviews of the book (No Longer Human, Arc 1 of the anime) on Amazon and finding out that it was superdark. Dark themes compel me.

Anyways, this seems quite akin to Death Note and Mouryou no Hako (Ohoho MADHOUSE) in terms of animation techniques and overall mood, but I believe that the level of depth expressed by sparse but (quite) deep dialogue in No Longer Human so far is not really a common occurence in anime. This is definitely because it was adapted from a piece of literature, but I’m surprised at how well it was utilized here, what with the images actually giving room for thought, and even the flashes of past shots weren’t just there to hurt your eyes or give the feel of craziness (maybe). The best thing I found so far was how the main character YOUZOU Ouba (played by 雅人堺/SAKAI Masato) was voiced. The articulated, careful style of speaking seemed pretty detached and emotionless to me, making it all the more chilling. It’s hard to believe that the same person played Hanamoto in the Honey and Clover live action movie.

Gist of the Episode: Youzou is released from the hospital, sees a monster whom he believes is himself, said monster follows him around, Youzou is now no longer human, but a nice lady reporter who is poor and probably depressed tries her best to help him out. The two go to her house, and…is to be continued.

There is also a really long summary below, the entirety of which is completely unaccompanied by screenshots.
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