Things I Am Excited About 【Fall 2009 M3(24)】

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M3 is a one-day, biannual, music-only convention held in Yokohama, Japan, and its name stands for “Music + Media-Mix Market”. It’s kind of like Tokyo’s Comiket but for doujin music artists only. The Fall M3 event for 2009 will be held on October 11th, and is the 24th iteration of the event. This post will briefly highlight only the circle releases I am watching for (22 releases in total are profiled here). Click on the banners for a link to the site, all of which include demos unless otherwise stated. Info is listed BELOW the banner.

Entries are loosely ordered by genre:
1. Original, xx-based (ie. Story-based, Light Novel-based, etc)
2. Original, Pop / Original, Pop-rock
3. Original
4. Touhou Arrange
5. Cover
★★ entries are the ones I am most excited about.

Copy and paste the stars or genre titles into CTRL+F to find them.

I know the doujin music scene is a pretty uncommon/obscure subject in most anime-related blogs, but if you have an interest in finding out more and discovering new artists and such, M3 is seriously the best place to start foraying into this niche-ish sector. Hopefully this post will be helpful for doing that too.

Official M3 Circle List:
M3 Circle Releases List at BLACK ANGEL:

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Things I Am Excited About 【July Ep2】

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  • ざにお‘s (zanio, aka パイパンP) new gag(?) song, ボカラン詐欺 (Vocaloid Ranking Fraud), is very funny and addictive. リツカ (RITSUKA) even did a cover for it lolol.
  • OneRoom (aka ジミーサムP)’s first full Vocaloid album Toy Box, released on July 29th with cover art by ゆのみ (yunomi).
  • cosMo (aka 暴走P), is participating in DEBUTANTE 4 and changes name to Storyteller. His entry is titled ANTI THE∞HOLiC.
  • Persona 4 Vocal Selection in high quality with very accurate Japanese translation of the English lyrics.
  • 君の知らない物語 (Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari) finally gets an animated sequence as the ending theme of Bakemonogatari, and also has an official PV video preview up. I’m assuming the latter will be what’s on the limited First Press edition DVD of the single release.



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Well since I’m talking about music anyways might as well talk about one of my favourite singers for the past like, 3 months. Haha. I realize that not a lot of people really read my entries but it might be helpful if someone was googling and found info they were looking for.

Anyways, リツカ (RITSUKA) is a female (amateur?) singer who submits songs to the 歌ってみた (try to sing) section at Nico video, and she is truly one of the best, in my opinion. She mostly sings covers of Vocaloid songs, and her most famous song is definitely 炉心融解 (meltdown), but she has also sung various anime and Sound Horizon songs (and more etc). Her voice is really gentle and it’s really easy to recognize. Uhh, I don’t really know how to describe it since I’m not too musical, but in short, IT IS IMPECCABLE. Sometimes I wonder why she’s not professional yet, and then I remember how much of a hassle going pro is. Maybe she’ll do some doujin stuff later? She’s certainly capable.

Her releases are pretty constant and she’s doing a free Live show on May 3rd in Tokyo with other artists like 実谷なな and ちょうちょ.

My favourite works of hers include bpm, 桜ノ雨, and STEP TO YOU (duet with 実谷なな), but really, I like everything she sings. haha.

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