pako is a pretty underrated illustrator that I also sometimes forget about, but his work is very nice and refined, plus he has an unmistakeable style, and whenever I see his stuff again I become very impressed again. He used to go by 宮沢波広 (MIYAZAWA Namihiro) and 葉上 (hagami), but he consistently uses the name pako now.

I first found out about him from his work on Shining Force EXA (Cyrille, from the image above, is a pretty popular character), and looked more into it when I heard he did the art for the Rental Magica light novels too. Surprisingly, he also did the artwork for the Chrono Crusade light novels, which is technically my first contact with his work, but I didn’t know it was him back then.

His style is really fluid, with all sorts of active poses and expressions, and can draw both pretty girls and manly men. It’s awesome. The easiest characteristic to confirm if it is really his illustration is his colouring style. Lots of muted colours and blended shading. Nothing is overly shiny, and most of it looks kind of matte instead, but it is in no way flat.

Blog: http://hsspako.blog32.fc2.com/
Old website: http://f58.aaa.livedoor.jp/~hcartoon/
Pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=16008