【Fiction Anthology】Faust Vol.1

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Faust is an literary “magazine” originally published by Kodansha to feature popular young writers and their works. Although it’s referred to as a magazine and has a sporadic publishing schedule and is numbered by volumes, it’s packaged like a novel but has both continuing installments and short stories for literary prose and also includes manga, illustrations, essays, columns, and interviews as well. The stories are frequently accompanied by illustrations from well-known artists, which makes the stories akin to light novels, despite the content not always necessarily being “light”. It can be described somewhat as a literary version of Robot Super Color Comic.

This is the first English volume released by Del Rey and translated by Andrew Cunningham, Paul Johnson, and Nancy Tsai. The English version doesn’t feature the same contents as the original Japanese Faust Vol.1, and instead is a compilation of stories chosen across various editions of the original Faust. It’s packaged as a regular trade paperback, and features a specially commissioned cover illustration by take of Zaregoto fame. The stories are put at the front of the book where it’s read left-to-right, and the manga is at the “back” , where you have to flip and read right-to-left.

The contents of Faust Vol.1 (ENG) are as follows
(arranged by order of appearance with English translated titles):

1. Introduction by OTA Katsushi, translation by Paul Johnson
Fiction & Essays
2. xxxHOLiC: ANOTHERHOLiC: Landolt-Ring Aerosol – story by NISIOISIN, illustration by CLAMP, translation by Andrew Cunningham
3. Outlandos d’Amour – story by KADONO Kouhei, illustrations by UEDA Hajime, translation by A.Cunningham
4. Drill Hole in My Brain – story and illustrations by MAIJO Otaro, translation by A.Cunningham
5. F-sensei’s Pocket – story by Otsuichi, illustrations by OBATA Takeshi, translation by A.Cunningham
6. The Garden of Sinners: A View from Above – story by NASU Kinoko, illustrations by TAKEUCHI Takashi, translation by P.Johnson
7. H People: An Evolving World – column by WATANABE Kozy, illustrations by TAGRO, translation by P.Johnson
8. Yabai de Show – column by SEIRYOUIN Ryusui, translation by P.Johnson
9. Yuuya Satou’s Counseling Session – column by SATOU Yuuya, illustrations by SASAI Icco, translation by P.Johnson
10. Tatsuhiko Takimoto’s Guru Guru Counseling Session – column by TAKIMOTO Tatsuhiko, illustrations by HASHII Chizu, translation by P.Johnson
11. Approaching Twenty Years of Otaku – column and illustration by MORIKAWA Kaichirou, translation by P.Johnson
Other Prose
12. The Garden of Sinners: An Interview with Kinoko Nasu and Takashi Takeuchi – interview by OTA Katsushi, translation by P.Johnson
13. From Japan to the World, From the World to Japan – essay by SHIINA Yukari, translation by P.Johnson
14. Tsukikusa – take, translation by P.Johnson
15. Nikko Dance Party – VOFAN, translation by Nancy Tsai
16. Maple Tree Viewing – YAMASAKI Moheji, translation by P.Johnson
17. After School: 7th Class – manga by KOUGA Yun, story by NISIOISIN, translation by P.Johnson

Really Long Opinion: Was quite excited when I first got the book and started reading it, and had very high expectations for it due to the huge names, but to be honest, I was pretty disappointed by the stories I was really interested in, despite trying my best to appreciate the authors’ works and trying to like it.

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