【NicoNico Terms】 P名 (Producer Name)

Starting a new segment of sorts I guess.

P name as used in an IM@S game. (Source: みっちP@NicoNico)

As you may or may not have noticed, a lot of Vocaloid composers have a name that ends in a P. The P actually stands for “Producer”, and in niconico, is used to denote who the creators (who are usually the same as the uploader) of the videos are.

The P name comes from the IDOLM@STER games, where when you start a game as the protagonist (who is a music/idol producer) and pick a name, a “P” is attached at the end of your chosen name. The P name was first used on niconico for people who uploaded IDOLM@STER-related videos, but eventually extended to Vocaloid composers, and recently has come to represent PV makers and other video makers as well. Since the letter P stands for “Producer”, one can use it in the same way as the full word.

Although a P name is usually chosen by the person using it, in the Vocaloid world, a lot of well-known P’s have their P name chosen by fans if the composer didn’t give themselves a P name already, and these fan-chosen names usually have some sort of background to it. If a P’s name gets chosen by the fans, it’s considered as an honour. As well, a lot of the composers who started really early don’t seem to have P names (ie. ika, kz from livetune, ryo from supercell, doriko), and some P names are the same as the P’s handle (SASAKURE.UK = SasakureP).

Some examples:
mothy = 悪ノP (AkunoP) → As mothy is the composer of both 悪ノ召使 (Aku no Shitsuji) and 悪ノ娘 (Aku no Musume), both of which start with “Aku no” and are his representative works.
Hiroyuki ODA = 鼻そうめんP (HanaSoumenP/NoseNoodlesP) → Because he said on his “Incarnation” video description that he was so moved by the good reception of his song that his nose was dripping soumen (white noodles) from being all emotional. This was chosen by fans.
baker = ウイイレP (WinningElevenP) and FIFAP → Because baker likes the Winning Eleven and FIFA games.