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  • polymetrica 5:21 pm on October 27, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    RE:Kimi ni Todoke 4 

    I swear I’m not obsessed with this series.

    Does that look like the face of a terrible mastermind to you!!

    Another superb episode titled “Rumours” that follows chapter 4 of the manga exactly, with select modified scenes from Chapter 5 and about two anime-original scenes. Unlike the last episode, episode 4’s tone was quite heavy, with only three or four humourous scenes, but being the high quality shoujo that Kimi ni Todoke is, it’s not overly dramatic or silly at all, and is pretty easy to relate to. The internal agonies of the four main characters here are slightly heartwrenching(?), and the episode might make one break out in a few tears if one is highly sensitive to the plights of our dear characters. If I remember correctly, the manga version of this arc drove me insane with grief or whatever it was for a few minutes.

    Gist(?) of the episode: Continuing from Episode 3, the drama being brought up here is that Sawako is supposedly spreading rumours about Sano and Yoshida, and that she’s also a terrible mastermind who commands Kazehaya with Sano and Yoshida backing her up. Obviously that’s not the case, and Sano and Yoshida don’t believe the rumours, but the two start to have their doubts after seeing a few things that test their confidence in the matter. Sano and Yoshida ask Sawako what she thinks of them, she half-replies that she “doesn’t like them, but…”, and the two just cut her off and assume that Sawako really doesn’t like them. Sawako notices that her friends look down, and after hearing the rumours about how she herself is supposedly making Sano, Yoshida, and Kazehaya miserable, she decides that the best action to take is to avoid her three friends so she doesn’t hurt them anymore. This avoidance technique makes the three sad and worsens the situation.

    Production I.G. is so Incredibly Great that it looks nice even in crapres.

    The next episode is called 決意 (Ketsui/Decision), which has the same title as Chapter 6 in the manga. Ketsui also happens to be the title of a very good shmup by CAVE, but that has nothing to do with this series (Unfortunately!).

    On another note, the Kimi ni Todoke DS game (育てる思い/Sodateru Omoi/Nurturing Feelings) came out last week! I haven’t played it, but it basically puts you in Sawako’s shoes as you go through all the manga scenarios, with a few original scenes written especially for the game. The limited first press edition version comes with a cellphone strap with a Sawako charm on the end that changes colour depending on how much light it gets. (Termed as a UV strap)

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    RE:Aoi Bungaku 2 

    Of course the one time I should have no free time I catch up on animu.

    This is the shota character of the series. (His true identity is actually the Ghost of No Longer Human Past.)

    Finally watched two episodes of this slightly overlooked series. Motivation was due to reading reviews of the book (No Longer Human, Arc 1 of the anime) on Amazon and finding out that it was superdark. Dark themes compel me.

    Anyways, this seems quite akin to Death Note and Mouryou no Hako (Ohoho MADHOUSE) in terms of animation techniques and overall mood, but I believe that the level of depth expressed by sparse but (quite) deep dialogue in No Longer Human so far is not really a common occurence in anime. This is definitely because it was adapted from a piece of literature, but I’m surprised at how well it was utilized here, what with the images actually giving room for thought, and even the flashes of past shots weren’t just there to hurt your eyes or give the feel of craziness (maybe). The best thing I found so far was how the main character YOUZOU Ouba (played by 雅人堺/SAKAI Masato) was voiced. The articulated, careful style of speaking seemed pretty detached and emotionless to me, making it all the more chilling. It’s hard to believe that the same person played Hanamoto in the Honey and Clover live action movie.

    Gist of the Episode: Youzou is released from the hospital, sees a monster whom he believes is himself, said monster follows him around, Youzou is now no longer human, but a nice lady reporter who is poor and probably depressed tries her best to help him out. The two go to her house, and…is to be continued.

    There is also a really long summary below, the entirety of which is completely unaccompanied by screenshots.
    (More …)

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    RE:Kimi ni Todoke 3 


    Aww yeah, Kimi ni Todoke! This first anime in about 3-4 years that I will be following every week (no lie). Anyways, after the crazyawesome that was episode 1 and 2 (both of which made me cry, even though crying is supposed to be an extremely rare occurrence found in polymetricans), episode 3 cuts back a little on the overwhelming heartwarming factor with more humour and just plain shoujo cuteness(?). There was a lot of Sawako and Kazehaya blushing at each other this week, though I don’t believe anyone will object to that (please don’t) as they are pretty cool kids. As with Ep.1 & 2, this episode also follows the manga exactly (covered chapters 2 and 3), and introduces new characters like Pin and NotAlto Ryuu (latter is played by NAKAMURA Yuuichi). That Girl With The Long Brown Hair (aka Kurimizawa, played by HIRANO Aya) also finally gets a chance to speak: “Hai” and “Un”. I found this extremely funny for whatever reason (maybe spite).

    Gist of the episode: Sawako makes more new friends this episode, and the class starts warming up to her, leading to her exhibiting that incredible smile in the screenshot up there, which in my opinion was superior to the manga version. Other events/things covered in this episode include getting a substitute teacher, filling out the attendance, dropping papers in the hallway, walking a certain dog, self-study in class, and terrible, terrible gossiping girls. (Okay fine, they’re not that terrible yet as they have spoken about 6 lines so far.)

    After the ending theme was played, it was also announced that Kimi no Todoke will be getting a Nintendo DS game titled 「君に届け 育てる思い」 (Kimi ni Todoke: Nurturing Feelings), and is a text-based game with character portraits. No minigames or other features have been shown yet. I expect (or require) them to show more info about it next week!!

    • kaye 7:50 pm on October 26, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      You’re following Kimi ni Todoke?! YEAAAAAAH. \o/
      In any case, I am so ready for someone to just drop kick those gossiping girls. Also, I am agreeing with you about the smile is comparison to the manga version, though I think it’s just because colour tends to make everything better. :’D

  • polymetrica 1:28 am on August 5, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    RE:Fanart Crediting (War?) 

    Oh wow, has this topic finally made it into the anime blogging world (is this even the name of the community…)? About time, I guess.

    I’ve been seeing this problem since way back when (lolol Livejournal) about people using fanart in their icons and crediting 4chan as the source and making people credit the iconist for the icons instead, which is really similar to what is happening right now. The credit issue never bothered me ever because I just never used fanart ever. Now, however, I use them in my posts, but for some reason I can never see illustrations as fanart, and I always always see them as actual art instead, which leads to me crediting properly 99% of the time. (The 1% when I don’t credit is because the artist is mentioned in the next line and/or the picture is directly relevant to the content.)

    My face when you credit 4ch. (Illust: huke)

    My face when you credit 4ch. (Illust: huke)

    Okay, enough background and stuff-nobody-cares-about. Here’s my take, in handy, not-so-short point form.

    • I do believe that credit is due to the parties involved in said product’s creation. (ie. The composer, the artist (!!!), the singer, etc) This is because:

    a) More people can know who made it, where it came from, thus increasing appreciation because they will acknowledge that someone spent their time to make it.

    b) More people will be exposed to the artist’s work and maybe become a fan of their works. (Also, one would be able to seem more knowledgable/cultured by being able to name just exactly who created it. +10 Hardcore points, man!)

    c) Being a fan = getting more enjoyment out of later works produced by artist.

    d) More fans gives the artist more confidence to continue and provide more quality stuff (provided that the fans are not mindless and stupid), giving fans even more enjoyment.

    e) Keep in mind that these “fanartists” are sharing their work FOR FREE to everyone despite using a LOT of effort into producing them.

    *The above reasons (esp. a-b) are basically why I started this blog to introduce artists and make it known that they are the source of the images you see and enjoy.

    • If you don’t know the source, DON’T USE IT. If you really want to use it, save it and find out who drew it later, or you can use TinEye to do a match (still in beta, but for most images, it works.)

    • Another alternative is to use official images only so you don’t even have to credit. You can just go “Oh…This is from that Haroohee animu.” or whatever. That’s what I did for icons/avatars back in the day.

    • Why are people blaming artists for not putting their names on it? I mean, it is part of the problem, but a lot of them a) don’t want to shove it in everyone’s face that they drew it, b) assume that you know where you got it from and has enough integrity to not trace/plagarize/do despicable things to it, and c) for most images with colour in every pixel on the canvas, putting a name on is out of place, and signing it won’t work too well either since people who don’t know the artist don’t know their signature! (See the one in the image below.)

    Everyone's face when you credit the artist. (Illust: Soejima Shigenori)

    • Also, maybe people should explore more complete image sources which lists the artist so one knows who to credit in the first place. 4chan might have pretty images (surrounded by junk), but if you want REALLY pretty images, why not browse through Shuushuu, which 80% of the time tags the creator correctly, or even GASP Pixiv, where the artist themselves post their pictures so you can just copypasta their name into your post and bam, all credit, no wank.

    • In addition, everyone knows in the back of their head that a picture isn’t generated, and that REAL HUMAN BEINGS spent their time to make it, so is it so incredibly hard to take some minutes of your time to credit them? That time is nothing compared to the countless hours put into 60% of fully coloured illustrations. It is really hard to fully comprehend the crazy effort found in art if you haven’t drawn anything yourself, so maybe you should give it a try and see how good you are compared to them, and how much effort you would probably have to spend to even become CLOSE to what those artists are putting out.

    • Lastly, it would’ve been much, much easier if the standard for everyone was to credit image sources, so that it would be a habit for people and not “extra work” for people like it is now. I personally have made a habit out of it and credit everything. okay I am just OCD, tbh

    Phew, that was way longer and probably more incoherent than I expected (and really preachy/ranty), but I posted this anyways because I spent a lot of time on it yow. Time to disappear for 4 days in a row.

    • Jura 10:58 am on August 5, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      LiveJournal hasn’t changed at all.

      • Jura 11:00 am on August 5, 2009 Permalink | Reply

        Hmm, your comment box is weird. TinyEye seems to work well enough even if it’s in Beta.

        • polymetrica 12:03 am on August 6, 2009 Permalink | Reply

          I’m sorry that my comment box is weird /o\ Thanks for taking the time to comment anyways!

          And yes, LJ is still as terrible (?) as ever. TinyEye is great, but for more um obscure images it hasn’t been able to find the source. I really look forward to the finalized version.

    • WanderingMind 7:46 pm on August 5, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      When I see a pic that I like on Pixiv, I open the full size in another tab and save the pic. It would help if I remember to bookmark the page I got the pic from for future reference if I decide to use it for an avatar / signature / banner / etc.

      • polymetrica 12:05 am on August 6, 2009 Permalink | Reply

        Or maybe you can copy and paste the artist’s name into the filename? Except unicode characters don’t always work well…What a dilemma.

        • WanderingMind 9:12 pm on August 6, 2009 Permalink | Reply

          Hmmm…never thought about that before…but that sounds like a really good idea.

    • Baki 4:34 pm on August 8, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      This is exactly how I feel about fanart usage on LJ.

  • polymetrica 2:06 pm on July 3, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    RE:Bakemonogatari 1 

    Click for ultra high-res version.

    First time downloading an episode and watching it in full screen \o/ The result was gorgeous. Every frame was screencappable, seriously. I wonder how I will go back to streaming anime hahahaha.

    Anyways, lovely lovely episode. The animation quality is extremely high and I couldn’t help but gawk at everything. There were a lot of still scenes but that really added to the mood. The way the characters were drawn were really faithful to VOFAN’s original depictions too. I dig! Really nice presentation style too. So artsy…As with SHAFT’s usual stuff they liked using lots of text to make it seem more epic, and being kind of a sucker for nice text I loved the touch.

    Things that stood out:

    Will probably keep downloading for the eye candy but may or may not be blogging. Everyone else and their goat will blog it anyways right!

  • polymetrica 7:08 pm on July 2, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Umm, hello and thanks for reading this. I have actually started posting here back in 2008 but I found Tumblr and posted there instead, but I am back here again because Tumblr posts are impossible to find in google searches, which means that it’s not of help to ANYONE, and the only reason I write posts anyways is to promote things people want to know about.

    Reposting of my previous Tumblr posts will commence now, as much as I hate to do it (because it is extremely redundant). Have a nice stay and hopefully you will enjoy the lazy casual spotlighting posts here. For more information please take a look at the About page.

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