(Reposted and updated from polymetrica@Tumblr)

Discovered 倉花千夏 (くらはなちなつ) from trying to find out who did the Blade Chronicles header. Very nice colours+patterns. Turns out that she is the mastermind behind the highly acclaimed Nitro+CHiRAL yaoi games 咎狗の血 (Togainu no Chi) and Lamento -BEYOND THE VOID-. However, she left Nitro+CHiRAL in 2007 to become a freelance illustrator.

Anyways, really colourful and sophisticated style. A lot of her pictures use a lot of different, semi-muted colours, and can be very detailed. Her shadows are not very dark, and is just enough of a contrast to make everything look well-defined. Her illustrations always have a sort of fantasical realism to it. (Natural lighting, small eyes, actual noses, but the outfits are complicated and the themes themselves can be fantasy-like)

Site: http://www.chroma.cc/
Blog: http://chromacc.blog116.fc2.com/