Arancia! (Illust: miz@Pixiv)

ARANCIA PROJECT is managed by a Portuguese art student named Francisco Valle (aka VL) with the goal of showcasing different illustration styles through drawing one consistent subject: Arancia. Arancia is an original character created by VL, her name and theme is based on oranges (because VL likes oranges), and was created to be a character that everyone would like and recognize.

VL started this project to prove in a lecture for school that Japanese illustrations, especially anime-style ones, can also be a worthy art form. After the lecture, which went very well, he decided to set up a website and continue showcasing artists’ works, and also wants to bridge the gap between professional and amateurs, and western and eastern artists, so he accepts renditions of Arancia from all artists. The project is not for profit, and was created solely to gather as many artwork of Arancia as possible.

The best thing about this website is that all the arists are properly credited and have links to their websites, making it a great place to recognize, discover, and bring to light illustrators we may not have encountered before. There are also quite a few well-known professionals (Kozaki Yusuke (!!), Uki Atsuya, and Kishida Mel) who have drawn for the project, and it’s pretty awesome to see Arancia depicted in their style.

Website: http://arancia.webs.com/



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Found コザキユースケ (Kozaki Yuusuke) while wondering who did the awesome character designs+DVD illustrations for the Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto (幕末機関説いろはにほへと) anime because I’ve been in love with Kanna’s design since…ever.

Turns out he also did the illustrations for the Karasuma Kyouko no Jikenbo (烏丸響子の事件簿) manga series, which is pretty cool.

Site: http://kymg.net/index.html
Links to his blog, Twitter, Pixiv, drawr, and mixi are all on his site.