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放電映像 (Houden Eizou) is one of my ABSOLUTE favourites, if not my most favourite…His illustrations can be pretty ecchi or whatever sometimes, but the colours are extremely beautiful, and sometimes even when he draws a girl half nude it still looks really artistic. He also sometimes adds mechanical components to his characters, which makes them EVEN COOLER, if that is possible at all. I can’t get enough of the gentle…wispiness of his pictures. It’s so awesome I cannot describe it.

Ahh, sorry for rambling. He has done illustrations for many light novels, the most well-known of which include Wagaya no Oinarisama. (我が家のお稲荷様。) and Asobi ni Iku Yo! (あそびにいくヨ!), the latter of which is the subject of his one and only artbook (so far, I hope!). He has also drawn short one-shots for the collaboration art magazine Robot, and right now he is also featured in the new quarterly art magazine Gelatin. Lastly, he did some artwork for a defunct game (?) called Blood Opera (the image in this post is from that).

Site: http://neonvision.blog29.fc2.com/
Pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=6334