【Music】 TheLine by FICUSEL/VaLSe


Came across this incredible set of music from a friend on Twitter. I really cannot believe that this was composed by non-professionals.

This is an album of instumental music composed by VaLSe at FICUSEL, and the theme is “wandering traveller”, so all the songs evoke imagery of different scenery a la RPG music, but with a much more relaxed and ambient tone, and at times with a slight ethnic influence. I am unable to pick one favourite because every track is impeccable and magnificent.

You can listen to the samples in the middle part of the website (click on a track name and it will start playing), or listen to a sample medley consisting of 9 tracks lasting about 20 minutes on nicovideo. You can also support the creator and buy their album for 1,200 yen on muzie (linked on their website)

Site: http://ficusel.com/cd/theline/
Sample Medley: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm7707796 (nicosound mirror)