【Lyrics】 罪と罰 (Sin and Punishment)

I think it’s pretty sad of me to love this song only because of the awesome title. I love both the book (Crime and Punishment) and the game (even though I haven’t played it yet…). I’m also sorry for all these lyrics posts which most people do not care about. I’ll do a REAL post very soon. As usual, please comment with any corrections to the translation that you want to suggest.

This post consists of three parts:
1. Original lyrics
2. Transliteration
3. Translation

罪と罰 (Sin and Punishment)
Lyrics: DECO*27
Compose: DECO*27
Arrange: DECO*27
Vocals: 初音ミク (HATSUNE Miku)

Nico | Youtube
mp3 | Instrumental

Image used in the song for the video. (Illust: 夢之式@Piapro)

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