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Artwork drawn specially for Tsumugi Uta. Click to enlarge.(Illust: ホルダー@Piapro)

DATEKEN is a relatively well-known Vocaloid composer who submitted his first song onto niconico in October 2008, and prior to that he had experience in composing instrumental songs since 2005, which he uploaded onto his muzie account. DATEKEN’s most well-known song is 紡唄 -つむぎうた- (Tsumugi Uta/Spinning Song), which currently has over 11,000+ mylists and 190,000+ views. DATEKEN is actually a graduate student from Hokkaido and his hobbies include playing the piano, doing karate, and reciting poems.

DATEKEN uses only Kagamine Rin and Len to sing his songs, and at this point has not used any of the other Vocaloids yet. Each of his Vocaloid songs have a different genre assigned to them, ranging from ethnic (Jutenija), technopop (Ur-Style), R&B (イマジネイション/Imagination), and even waltz (schwarz waltz), which really show his high level of versatility as a composer. However, most of his songs generally belong to the electronic music genre, such as techno, trance, 2-step, and house. All his songs are extremely high quality, and give a really good representation of their respective genres. Song themes are really varied, which makes all of them impressionable and easy to remember, and the large majority of songs are quite catchy. His vocal tuning for the Kagamine twins are also impeccable, and in my opinion ranks among the best as they are consistently natural and easy to listen to. (Definitely not a small feat considering that Kagamine Rin and Len are among the harder Vocaloids to tune.) He also changes their voices according to the song, and as a result they always sound fitting and different. As a one-man composer, DATEKEN does everything himself: writes and arranges the song, writes the lyrics, and makes his own videos, which are usually well-subtitled and with a nice static layout and picture, the latter of which he borrows from royalty-free artists on Piapro.

In addition to composing Vocaloid songs, he has also composed intrumental tracks also to the theme of widely varying genres, and has also released a Touhou arrange doujin album called 当方暇軍団 under the circle name of 暇軍団. He creates songs with a keyboard controller for the most part.

All in all, super-good and incredible composer. Please listen to all his songs! I especially recommend his works if you want to explore different musical genres.

Essential Works:
1. 紡唄 -つむぎうた- + ENG Subs (Tsumugi Uta/Spinning Song) (niconico link)
2. Never! + ENG Subs (niconico link) **Especially Recommended**
3. なまえのないうた (Namae no Nai Uta/A Song without a Name) (niconico link)

Website: http://www14.plala.or.jp/dateken/
Mylist: http://www.nicovideo.jp/mylist/10109173
Piapro: http://piapro.jp/dateken
Twitter: http://twitter.com/dateken
muzie: http://www.muzie.co.jp/artist/a014791/
Blog: http://blog.livedoor.jp/vit_dat/
Youtube Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=896975BF8D8151E4&search_query=dateken
DATE tunes (digital album) page: http://piapro.jp/karent/?view=album&id=43


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This post consists of four parts:
1. Recommended covers
2. Original lyrics
3. Transliteration
4. Translation

Compose: DATEKEN
Arrange: DATEKEN
Vocals: Kagamine Rin


おはようございます.DATEKENです.ハンガリーから帰ってきて時差ぼけの治らぬまま投稿十一曲目.テクノ・ポップです.わたぽんさん(http://piapro.jp/wata_pon)のイラストを見ていたら真っ白なイメージの曲が浮んできたので,わさっと作りました.勝手ながら動画にも使わせて戴きました.素敵イラストを有難う御座います!auto-tune的な奴を一度作ってみたかった訳なのですが,結局ソフトの導入が面倒になって,vocaloid editorでピッチベンド弄ってでっちあげました.不精者ですね.そうですね.

DATEKEN’s Comment:
Good morning. DATEKEN here. Submitted this 11th song of mine while still trying to get better from the jet lag I got from coming back from Hungary. This song is of the technopop genre. Quickly made this song while I was looking at わたぽん’s(http://piapro.jp/wata_pon) illustration and thought of a song with a pure white image. As it turns out I also used the same picture in the video. Thanks so much for the incredible artwork! I’ve tried using something like auto-tune before, but in the end I thought that the input system was a pain, so I ended up using vocaloid editor to bend the pitch instead. I’m so lazy, aren’t I? Yes, that’s right.

Music used in the video. Illust: わたぽん@Piapro

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