【Illustrator/Singer】はるよ (haruyo)

Character from PENGUINS PROJECT’s 眠り姫. Click for full version.

はるよ (haruyo) is an amateur artist best known for her artwork and PVs used in popular Vocaloid songs such as 眠り姫 (Nemuri Hime/Sleeping Beauty) by PENGUINS PROJECT and つきうさぎ (Tsuki Usagi/Moon Rabbit) by OSTER PROJECT & baker. She is also a relatively well-known niconico singer, and due to being good friends with Vocaloid composer baker, she sang a lot of his songs and baker also helped with mixing her tracks. haruyo’s name means “Spring Night” (春夜), lives in Tokyo, was born on June 5th, 1985, and used to play Ragnarok Online. She’s also good friends with other Vocaloid composers such as kz and ゆうゆP (yuuyuP).

haruyo’s illustration style is mainly the usual anime-style face, but her characters never look exaggerated or unnatural, and gives off a sense of maturity. haruyo seems to like using a soft textured brush for shading, which makes everything look light and airy, and the colours she uses for her artwork range from muted to vibrant to just plain awesome, though in all cases she still uses a lot of different colours. The subject of haruyo’s artwork always seem to be female characters, the most common of which sport long, sometimes cloud-like hair.

Despite drawing so many cute characters, haruyo’s voice sounds mature and soulful, with common use of vibrato and falsetto. She’s also able to hold very high notes quite well, though in her older works there is some strain. In addition to hitting all the right notes all the time, her voice also stays very stable throughout the song. Due to being atrocious at explaining things related to music, please listen to her songs to get a real feel of what she sounds like.

Essential works:
1. celluloid (niconico link) ** Highly Recommended**
2. OVER (niconico link)
3. メルト-Band Edition- (MELT-Band Edition-) (niconico link)

Blog: http://blog6.fc2.com/haruya/ (Japanese)
Pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=98794
Twitter: http://twitter.com/haruyo_ (Japanese)
Twitpic: http://twitpic.com/photos/haruyo_
MP3 downloads: http://u6.getuploader.com/haruyo (Provided by haruyo)
Old site/Links Archive: http://www.tt.em-net.ne.jp/~arumi/hutokoro/ (Japanese)
Ustream Channel: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/haruyo-live
haruyo’s Mylist: http://www.nicovideo.jp/mylist/3540872
Playlist at Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=59858F5A2843F88F

*Edit: Sorry about the inconvenience, but the image example links have (finally) been fixed now. /o\

【Vocaloid Composer】baker

Okay, time to start introducing the basics of Vocaloid composers.


baker (aka kisk baker, ウイイレP, FIFAP, real name is HATTORI Keisuke) is one of the most well-known Vocaloid composers/remixers, and is also a DJ. Incidentally, he is also my favourite Vocaloid composer/remixer. Random facts include that he lives in Kanagawa prefecture, his blood type is O, and because he likes the Winning Eleven games, he took on ウイイレ (JPN contraction of Winning Eleven) as his P name. (However, the tags for his P name now say FIFAP since he now likes FIFA09.) Also, some of his newer remixes have been labelled with “nitagamo” or its contration, “NTMG”, which literally means boiled egg.

baker started composing songs using Vocaloid in 2007, and his first video was a short preliminary version of carol. His next song was celluloid, which is by far his most well-known song, even making it into the famous 10-minute 七色のニコニコ動画 medley in 2009. It currently has 459,000+ hits. After posting 3 more songs, サウンド (sound), カナリア (Canary), and carol (full-version), he posted celluloid retake in June 2008 and announced that he is retiring from composing Vocaloid songs.

However, he still consistently makes remixes of a lot of other composers‘ songs and also has composed many original songs. He seems to work closely with はるよ, and has had her as a vocalist for his original song 旅人のうた (The Traveler’s Song), and baker personally mixed her renditions of his songs. He also has a few collaborations with OSTER Project, where they remixed each other‘s songs and baker made a PV for one of OSTER’s songs, つきうさぎ (Rabbit of the Moon). baker has also tried his hand at singing Vocaloid songs which are not exactly meant to be sung and mangling his own song with softbank’s Yukkuri text-to-voice program.

Some of baker’s consistent characteristics is that the videos he uses for his PVs are all scenery videos shot by him with his cell phone (phone model is softbank911T, which is why it appears in his tags.), and that he really rarely depends on Hatsune Miku’s image and character to makes his songs unique. As well, he has proven to be quite versatile in genre in both composing and remixing, ranging from ballads to poppy techno(?). His tools of the trade include Vocaloid and KORG DS-10.

His latest remixes include 恋は戦争 (Love is War) NTMG MIX for MIWA Shirow‘s Comiket76 release’s bonus CD, モバイリ:センセーション (Mobi Re: Sens@tion) NTMG MIX for sasakure.UK‘s C76 Album, and one of ピアノレッスン (Piano Lesson) for 古川P (FurukawaP), also for C76.

Website: http://kisk55.web.fc2.com/
Blog: http://kiskbaker.blogspot.com/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/kisk_baker
Nicovideo Mylist: http://www.nicovideo.jp/mylist/2896283
MP3 downloads: http://www.muzie.co.jp/artist/a049385/ (Provided by baker)

Things I Am Excited About 【August Ep1】

I know I just posted one of these but you know what, news are just waiting to be reported.  Shorter than usual since these are smallerish updates.





Illustration by 三輪士郎
  • 君の知らない物語 (Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari), the Bakemonogatari ED, has its full version leaked. On nicovideo it has received an overwhelming response, giving it the daily #4 ranking of all videos. I guess ryo and nagi are awesome like that.
  • 恋は戦争 (Koi wa Sensou), the popular song by ryo, is being remixed by notable composers like bakerm kz, and ゆうゆ (yuuyu), and being compiled into a CD as an omake for 三輪士郎 (Miwa Shirow)’s Comiket76 Vocaloid Visual Works release.
  • よっぺい (yoppei)’s new song is 七色のニコニコ動画 (Nanairo no Niconico Douga). It is #2 on the daily rankings, but I think Cagayake!GIRLS and Meltdown were better.
  • shu-tP‘s new song is a very good rock song featuring MEIKO as usual. (Nicovideo link)
  • REDALiCE‘s Comiket76 album will be a Touhou Project Arrange album. It has a song guest composed by kz and the album illustration was done by 晩杯あきら (Banpai Akira).