【Illustrator】Archlich / Licheus


(Reposted from polymetrica@Tumblr)

Archlich/Licheus is another one of my absolute favourites, up there with the professionals, although Archlich is currently an art student and not yet a professional. He might as well be, though. Some other details is that he is 20 years old and is a Chinese-Canadian. He has done quite a few commissions for Deviantart users and for various Chinese Touhou doujins.

What I like most about his style is how uninhibited and dynamic everything is. Usually anime-style art artists use line art and colour inside them, but Archlich seems to like making a draft then colouring over it so everything melds together and there are little to no lines to be seen in the final product, which is EXTREMELY effective since his pictures always evoke a sense of movement and for myself, emotion. Use of colour as highlights are also incredible. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been staring at every stroke in his pictures. Brush strokes, lighting, composition, theme, Archlich’s art is seriously, to me, the pinnacle of anime-style art, although I do think that it’s really blurring the lines between “anime-style” and “regular” art.

Website: http://malus.cc/ (under construction, top image only)
Pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=19407
Deviantart: http://licheus.deviantart.com/