【Vocaloid Composer】匿名希望の東京都在住


Randomly remembered her and listened to her songs again the other day, so…here it is.

匿名希望の東京都在住 (I’ll translate this name later), also known as 杏あめ (anzuame) is a Vocaloid composer, singer, and artist, and she is exceptional at all of it, which makes her extremely incredible.

After composing her own songs like Traveler, she sings them again herself, and wow does she surpass the Vocaloid software. As the commenters on nicovideo say, she makes Miku weep lol. She can probably become a professional if she really wanted to. Not only that, but she also illustrates quite well and produces doujinshi with a friend, and they both share and art site together. Check her links out please!! even if it makes you feel somewhat inferior after

Blog: http://anzutokumeikibou.blog96.fc2.com/ (Check links on sidebar)
Nicovideo Mylist: http://www.nicovideo.jp/mylist/5485599
Art site: http://www.kikyou.sakura.ne.jp/~apricot/apricot.html