Mainly referred to as Kibou or polymetrica. The former is a word I extracted from a line in the lyrics to Lia’s Tori no Uta, and the latter is a made up arrangement of letters to which you may attach a definition of your liking.

My favourite illustrators include yocky, ENAMI KATSUMI, Houden Eizou, and D-SUZUKI.

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You may email me at polymetrica at gmail dot com if you have any questions or concerns.

Writing (ideally high quality) profiles of artists I admire and respect, usually illustrators and amateur singers, and sometimes introducing manga/visual novels/anime-related things which I feel deserve more publicity. Sometimes such topics may be about things/people who are already famous but are also those I feel like writing about or otherwise contribute heavily to the field they are in. Lyric posts also double as a “song spotlight” and feature songs I like.

My biggest aims are to:
1) Present high quality, referable posts in an easy-to-read way.
2) Spotlight people you might’ve heard of before, but don’t really know about.
3) Recognize the professionals and amateurs who are working hard behind the scenes to bring us such awesome and cool works.
4) Provide accurate information that readers can rely on as being correct.

Source of Content:

  • All posts, photographs, and translations were written and compiled by myself unless otherwise noted.
  • Although usually uncited, all information used in the posts have been collected from official, first-party sources, such as that of commercial websites (ex., the artists’ personal websites and links (ex. websites, blogs, Pixiv), and official printed publications (artbooks, magazines).
  • All images, excluding photographs I have taken, belong to their respective artists, owners, and/or corporations.

If you would like to know the source for a piece of information I have posted about, please leave a comment and I will reply with the source. I hope to implement citations into each post one day, though that has yet to be done in an streamlined manner.


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