【Lyrics】アクアリウム・スカイ (Aquarium Sky)

Have been kind of disenchanted with new Vocaloid songs lately, but I just utterly fell in love with this song from just hearing first few seconds. Please give it a listen!

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アクアリウム・スカイ (Aquarium Sky)

Lyrics: 虹原ぺぺろん (ぺぺろんP)
Compose: 虹原ぺぺろん (ぺぺろんP)
Arrange: 虹原ぺぺろん (ぺぺろんP)
Vocals: Hatsune Miku

Illustration & Video: 御厨わた (Mikuriya wata)

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Nijihara Peperon’s Comments:
(From blog)
This is a song that’s a bit different from all the other past peperonP songs. Please enjoy it.
Since this is composed of only two different melodies, the biggest focus was actually on the lyrics.
I think that in this world, the aquarium is the lowest tier of heaven, and the highest tier of hell.
It’d be a pleasure to be given the chance of feeling something like the sadness within the depths of beauty.

(From niconico)
Made a song that reflects the image of an aquarium.
A false sea. A “blue” that surpasses the unpleasant “blue”. What would I be thinking about if I were in this place…?
This is a song where the lyrics are of the most importance, and is about the only song in the album that was made in one go.

Image from the video for the song. (Illust: 御厨わた@Piapro)

Description: A really relaxing and immersive song that completely exudes the underwater theme. The composition of the song is quite basic, with only two alternating lines of melody, but the arrangement is quite incredible, utilizing soft piano and strings in the background to give it a more mature and deep feel. Even though the same two melody keeps repeating, it doesn’t seem boring or repetitive at all. There seems to be at least 4 instruments playing at once (besides the vocals), which give it layers of depth, making it a great song to relisten to over and over since it’s hard to catch all the sounds used in the song on the first listen. Although there are deep, synthetic exhaling sound effects added in, it’s not at all jarring, and well enhances the underwater atmosphere. I especially enjoy the waterdrop sound effect. Lastly, the vocal tuning is very smooth and has the right tone (not too cutesy, slightly low-pitched), and although it may sound awkward at a few points, it’s well mixed, blending in quite well with the intrumentals.

Original Lyrics







Yami ga sashi tsumetai mizu ga shizumaru
Shinobi yoru mijime na chinmoku
Itsuwari de kakowareta umi no naka ni
Iradachi wo tori modoshite yuku

AKUARIUMU wo hitori arukeba
Subete ga gunjou ni tokete kieru
Marude yozora no hoshi wo nazotte
Yume wo miru kodomo no youna kokoro

Shitsuryou no nai itami ni tsutsumarete
Shuumatsu wo tada machi tsuzuketa
Nigori naki fukai na genshoku no ao
Nemuru ni wa kirei sugiru kara

AKUARIUMU no soko no soko de wa
Kiyoraka na shizuku ga ochite kieru
Kizukarenu youni futo miagereba
Yuuutsu na kanashii sora ga mieru

AKUARIUMU de iki wo hisomete
Fukashigi na kanjou wa toki wo tomeru
Ushirometasa mo yasashisa sae mo
Toji kometa inochi wa umi ni kaeru


Cold water, pierced by the darkness, is being calmed
A silence like a creeping wretchedness
within a sea enclosed by lies,
Go and take back all your irritations.

If you walk in an aquarium by yourself,
everything will be dissolved, vanished, by the colour of aquamarine,
just like following the stars in the night sky.
It’s a heart like that of a dreaming child.

Being enveloped by a weightless grief,
the end simply continued its wait.
A primary blue similar to unclouded displeasure,
as being in slumber is more than beautiful.

At the bottom of the bottom of the aquarium,
pure water drops are falling, disappearing.
If you suddenly look up as if in awareness,
you would be able to see the melancholic, sorrowful sky.

In the aquarium, breaths are concealed.
Feelings of mystery freeze the passing of time.
Guilty consciences, even gentleness too,
imprisoned lives will return to the sea.