Sorry for this illustrator-unrelated, and therefore disappointing, post.

formspring.me is a personal question box service created by FormSpring, a company that specializes in helping professional organizations collect and manage data. This is FormSpring’s attempt to link information organization with social networking. It is relatively similar to Twitter and Tumblr in that it utilizes a clean and straightforward interface.

formspring.me’s premise is very simple: Create an account, link your friends to it, and let your friends ask you whatever questions they like. You can ask questions both anonymously or with your user details showing, so it’s also a very useful tool for using as a question box for anywhere, since questioners aren’t required to sign up.

The dashboard of formspring.me is very similar to Twitter’s, where you can follow your friends and see what new questions they’ve answered on your homepage’s timeline, and you can also search for other users. You also have an inbox where you recieve and respond to questions. When answering questions, you have the option to block, delete, or respond, so there’s little pressure on answering questions you don’t want to. Your answers are shown on your profile. You can customize your profile with a custom background or background colour, and you can also link your account with Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Blogger to share your responses instantly elsewhere. There’s also a form that you can embed on your blog or website to prompt questions from your visitors.

All in all, formspring is a pretty fun website to waste time on, and it’s very fun to see what questions you get from all your friends. Though personally, I think the best part is formulating answers to the questions. Please try it out, and ask me a question if you have time as well! I also put a link to it on the sidebar if you ever feel bored eno-

Website: http://www.formspring.me
polymetrica at formspring.me: http://www.formspring.me/polymetrica