【Illustrator】しうか (shiuka)

Image used in the video for PutinP's きみに、わたしに。(Kimi ni, watashi ni./To you, To me.). Features Hatsune Miku.

しうか (shiuka) is an illustrator best known for his(?) illustrations for various Vocaloid songs on niconico. His most significant contributions are for doing the artwork and videos to most of プーチンP (PutinP)’s songs, most notably for きえないひとみ。(Kienai Hitomi./Unvanishing Eyes.), and also for this piece of artwork done for mothy’s 悪ノ召使 (Aku no Meshitsukai/Servant of Evil) video. His works are mostly Vocaloid-centered, and especially heavily feature Kagamine Rin and Len. shiuka likes a strong and tough Len (“Ikeren”) the most, and just adores Rin in general. He also uses a computer (without an LCD monitor) running Windows XP, draws with a Wacom Intuos 3, and uses SAI for drawing and Adobe Photoshop 7.0 for further image editing. His blood type is A.

shiuka generally has two different styles. The first one is quite anime-like, with huge eyes, bright, pastel colours, sharp and minimal shading, and undetailed hair. They also usually feature light-hearted content. This style is most prevalent in his older illustrations. As for his second style, it looks very solemn and serious, with almost no smiling characters, muted, cold, and dark colour themes, and quite a few usages of grungy textures in the background. In this style, shiuka also draws strands of hair, uses illuminating highlights, and sometimes even details actual noses and lips. He also sometimes has a mix between his two styles to a very aesthetic effect.

Image used in the video for PutinP's ねむりたいのに!(Nemuritai no ni!/Even though I want to sleep!). Features Kagamine Rin.

Of course, being a collaborator with PutinP certainly means that nothing is ever what it seems, and the best examples of shiuka’s serious style have been from gravely hilarious and near-classic (Please click on this) pieces of art. He also designed the now relatively-well-known Russian Rin (Nicknamed プーリン/Purin as a joke to プーチン/Putin) who is always the subject of PutinP’s videos. He also designed Russian(?) Luka and Miku McDonald, both of which are used in PutinP’s songs as well.

In addition to illustration, shiuka has also helped out some niconico producers with putting together videos and has even uploaded a 51 second song (niconico link only) where he personally tuned an UTAU Vocaloid, 欲音ルコ (Kokune Ruko) to skillfully sing Silent Night in English.

In conclusion, shiuka is a very good artist (with other talents!) who is only getting better and better, as can be seen from his older to newer works, but has already established his own slick and definable style. I personally just can’t get enough of his serious style.

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