【Illustrator】ゆーげん (yuugen)

Part Five. This marathon unintentionally turned into a moé fest or something. Don’t worry, that’ll end soon.


Original illustration. Click for full version.

ゆーげん (yuugen) is the artist name of a professional illustrator best known for his artwork in the light novel グリモワールの契約者 (Grimoire no Keiyakusha/Grimoire Contractor). yuugen currently lives in Tokyo, Japan, his birthday is on March 8th, his blood type is A, he uses a Wacom Intuos 3 (A5 Wide), and he likes coffee, black tea, and reading books. His website name is Castleton, which comes from the name of the area that produces a black tea he frequently drinks, although lately he has been drinking only coffee.

yuugen’s style is polished, glassy, and has a very high degree of completion. Everything, even down to the smallest details, is meticulously coloured, giving yuugen’s artwork an extremely professional and detailed look. Just one piece of his fully completed artwork should take someone more than 5 minutes to look at all the details. As for characters, yuugen’s are most definitely of the moe style, and is impeccable at drawing attractive and cute female characters. His characters’ eyes are not overly large and have a glassy look to them, and he is also great at detailing the folds in the well-designed clothing. He usually draws hair with the general outline then shaded with deeper colours to indicate depth, and adds shiny stray strands to make it look lighter. In addition to drawing people, he’s also impeccable at drawing colourful skies for his backgrounds and coordinating colours. He seems to like using lots of gradated and blended colours, and using near-white spots to add shine. Even though his characters are usually in static poses with standard expressions, he is more than capable of making his artwork look lively. His analog (non-CG) work seems to stays true to his colouring style too. Really looking forward to seeing more from this artist!

Website: http://yuugen.hiyamugi.com/
Pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=806502