【Illustrator】凪良 / 名木良 (nagi / NAGI Ryou)

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Aurica Nestmile from Ar Tonelico I. Click to enlarge.

名木良 (NAGI Ryou) is a professional illustrator who is more widely known under the artist name of 凪良 (nagi). His representative works include providing the character designs and artwork for the Ar Tonelico video game series and doing the illustrations for the light novel series 風水学園 (Fuusui Gakuen/Feng Shui Academy). nagi’s doujin circle name is S.E.C., which he says stands for “Stylish””Erotic””Cool”, or “少し””エロいけど””クール” (“Sukoshi””Eroi kedo””Cool”/”A little””erotic but””cool”), and although he usually goes by the kanji 凪良, which normally reads as “nagiryou”, it’s always read as “nagi” when used as his name. (However, it is sometimes subtitled on the credits as “nagiryo” in English on the cover of light novels.)

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True to the words used in the acronym of S.E.C., his style really is “stylish”, “erotic”, and “cool”, though the word “sleek” should be included as well, plus most of his work aren’t overly erotic, and instead seem more tastefully sexy. nagi’s characters are probably in the moé category, with almost exclusively female characters, large, glassy eyes, odd-coloured hair, and quite a bit of fanservice. Poses are always varied, but expressions seem to number only a handful, most of them being cool gazes and sweet smiles. What sets nagi’s artwork apart from the other more standard moe styles, though, is that he frequently designs very unique, sleek, and streamlined outfits for them, adding a bit of accessories here and there. This mechanical look is reinforced by his incredibly clean, nearly sterile, colouring style, where he uses a small selection of usually light pastel colours for everything from shading to the outline. This gives less contrast and depth, but really makes everything look smooth and clear. His older works have significantly more dark shades and depth, but his current colouring style is absolutely top-notch, and his latest works sport lots of gradients that makes it look even cleaner. The fact that nagi almost never draws actual strands of hair enhances this too, and in fact almost all of his characters have a head of hair with only the ends marked by darker shading. Another thing that makes nagi’s works so popular are his character and costume designs, which are beautiful, unique, and memorable.

Website: http://www.sec.or.tv/ (Japanese)
Pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=773040
nagi at Wikipedia: http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/凪良 (Japanese)

– Cover artwork from his doujinshi S.E.C.-influence of Ayanami Rei and Asuka Langley from Evangelion. Cool gazes and great mechanical detail.

  • Cover artwork for the light novel Heavy Object. Unique costume, glassy eyes, and undetailed hair.