【Illustrator】タケシマサトシ (TAKESHI MASATOSHI)

Part Two of the Illustrator Marathon. The next few posts will be in this category as well. The juvenile reason for this is because I want the Illustrator tag to surpass all other tags by a bigger margin. I don’t want the Music tag to” catch up”.


舞野咲 (MAINO Saki) from the cover of “不思議”取り扱います 付喪堂骨董店 (Tsukumodou Antique Shop) Volume 6.

タケシマサトシ (TAKESHI MASATOSHI) is the artist name of a Japanese illustrator best known for his artwork in 御堂彰彦 (ODO Akihiko)’s light novel series, “不思議”取り扱います 付喪堂骨董店 (“Fushigi” Tori atsukaimasu – Tsukumodou Kottouten/We handle “Curiosities” – Tsukumodou Antique Shop). He has also provided artwork for an H-game called 天ツ澪 (Amatsumiyo) as well as for Square Enix’s Eternal Wheel TCG, and did the mecha designs for a PS2 game called バルドバレットイクリブリアム (Baldr Bullet Equilibrium).

Takeshi Masatoshi’s style is sophisticated and slightly dark. He’s capable of drawing pretty and smart-looking girls and moderately frilly outfits, and seems to draws eyes in a pretty typical style. Although his characters look nice, I think the one thing that really drew me to his covers for Tsukumodou was how he set the mood of the picture. There were always different detailed backgrounds that accompanied the character, and this atmosphere is impeccable. Takeshi Masatoshi’s colouring style is lovely too, with mostly muted colours and gradated shading in the hair that reminds me a bit of pako’s artwork, and it’s nice how he can make even the folds in dull black clothes easily distinguishable. He sometimes also blends different slightly shades together when colouring a large area, which gives it a slight pearl-like sheen. He’s come a long way from the colouring techniques he used to use. Of course, he’s also capable of producing vibrant pictures as well as something totally different from his usual style.

Website: http://members.at.infoseek.co.jp/scene11/ (Unavailable)