【Illustrator】芳住和之 (YOSHIZUMI Kazuyuki)

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Artwork for an MMORPG called Bell Isle

芳住和之 (YOSHIZUMI Kazuyuki) is a professional freelance illustrator best known for his work on the Mana Khemia video game series. He was also the original character designer and illustrator for the 宇宙をかける少女 (Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo/Sora Kake Girl) light novel, which was adapted into an anime. Yoshizumi was born in 1977, lives in Saitama Prefecture, his hobbies include taking photos of scenery with his Nikon D70 while taking a walk, and likes to make coffee. His favourite games are the Ogre Battle series and the Panzer Dragoon series, and his favourite artists are Frank Frazetta and Norman Rockwell. Yoshizumi has most recently contributed to the character designs for the 闘神伝 (Toshinden) Wii remake, which is probably my favourite work of his.

Yoshizumi’s style is of the anime style but with a fantasy twist. Most of his female character sport round eyes and uniquely designed costumes, and his male characters have narrow eyes and range from manly men to effeminate guys. Both genders seem to sport a lot of thick, shiny hair. The accessories, costumes and weapons he designs are astoundingly elaborate and elegant, and he always adds a lot of different, super-detailed motifs to them. Yoshizumi uses a lot of deep-coloured shading that makes everything look like it has substantial weight, and uses white spots to give things a touch of shine. His colouring usually uses moderate but varying shades of colour, and uses more vibrant colours for highlighting, but I think that his black and white artwork are most lovely. His overall style is pretty similar to Hyung-tae Kim’s.

Website: http://www12.big.jp/~s03tk/
Yoshizumi Kazuyuki at moe.imouto: http://moe.imouto.org/wiki/show?title=yoshizumi_kazuyuki