RE:Kimi ni Todoke 3


Aww yeah, Kimi ni Todoke! This first anime in about 3-4 years that I will be following every week (no lie). Anyways, after the crazyawesome that was episode 1 and 2 (both of which made me cry, even though crying is supposed to be an extremely rare occurrence found in polymetricans), episode 3 cuts back a little on the overwhelming heartwarming factor with more humour and just plain shoujo cuteness(?). There was a lot of Sawako and Kazehaya blushing at each other this week, though I don’t believe anyone will object to that (please don’t) as they are pretty cool kids. As with Ep.1 & 2, this episode also follows the manga exactly (covered chapters 2 and 3), and introduces new characters like Pin and NotAlto Ryuu (latter is played by NAKAMURA Yuuichi). That Girl With The Long Brown Hair (aka Kurimizawa, played by HIRANO Aya) also finally gets a chance to speak: “Hai” and “Un”. I found this extremely funny for whatever reason (maybe spite).

Gist of the episode: Sawako makes more new friends this episode, and the class starts warming up to her, leading to her exhibiting that incredible smile in the screenshot up there, which in my opinion was superior to the manga version. Other events/things covered in this episode include getting a substitute teacher, filling out the attendance, dropping papers in the hallway, walking a certain dog, self-study in class, and terrible, terrible gossiping girls. (Okay fine, they’re not that terrible yet as they have spoken about 6 lines so far.)

After the ending theme was played, it was also announced that Kimi no Todoke will be getting a Nintendo DS game titled 「君に届け 育てる思い」 (Kimi ni Todoke: Nurturing Feelings), and is a text-based game with character portraits. No minigames or other features have been shown yet. I expect (or require) them to show more info about it next week!!

【Lyrics】 VOSTOK

Not a new song, just a very good song in terms of high loopability and coolness of theme.

This post consists of three parts:
1. Original lyrics
2. Transliteration
3. Translation
4. Singable Translation (For vostok2+, by つてと (ikuy398) from this video)


Lyrics: あつぞうくん (Atsuzou-kun)
Compose: あつぞうくん (Atsuzou-kun)
Arrange: あつぞうくん (Atsuzou-kun)
Vocals: Hatsune Miku

VOSTOK → Nico | Nicosound
vostok2+ → Nico | Youtube

あつぞうくんさんのコメント: 3曲目出来ました!無職力を発揮してます。今回はボッサ・ラウンジ・カフェとかそんな感じでしょうか?。そんなオサレ場所に縁ないですが。登場人物は主人公ボストーク1号、宇宙犬ベルカとストレルカ、人間ユーリィ・ガガーリン。60年代の宇宙は希望とサイエンスに溢れております。宇宙と未来とSFは男子の永遠の夢です。さてさて次の曲の準備します。

Atsuzou-kun’s Comment: Finished my 3rd song! Take a look at the power of the unemployed. The song this time should give off a feel of bossa, lounge, cafe, or something like that? Even though I’m not really one for stylish places like those…The characters this time include the Vostok 1, some space dogs named Belka and Strelka, and a human named Yuri Gagarin. It was from the 60’s when the dreams and sciences for getting to space really took off. Space, the future, and science fiction have always been the dreams of a young man after all. Anyways, I’ll get to preparing my next song now.

Image used in VOSTOK. Vostok 1, Belka, Strelka, and Yuri Gagarin are in it.

Description: A relaxing song of the Bossa nova genre about the USSR’s space frenzy during the 60’s. Atsuzou-kun made a remix called vostok2+ that sounds more pop-ish and wintry about a month and a bit after posting VOSTOK. Both songs have the same lyrics.

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