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Everybody else’s song of the week, and also my (other) song of the week. \o/

This post consists of three parts:
1. Original lyrics
2. Transliteration (by viridian_lights@Livejournal)
3. Translation


Lyrics: T-POCKET
Compose: T-POCKET
Arrange: T-POCKET
Illustration: buchiko
Vocals: Hatsune Miku

Nico | Youtube
MP3 | Instrumental
English Subbed Video (Alternate and better translation by KataGatar)


T-POCKET’s comment:
(From niconico)
【The awesome artwork and title were borrowed from buchiko at piapro. Thank you so much.】Today I will introduce everyone to a marvelous friend☆This is Michael! He has an attractive face AND he’s good at chatting. He’s also good-natured, handsome, and to top it all off, a bonus are these muscles of his! So, my boastful friends..! Huuuh?! Did you just say you want to be like him? What do you say to that, Michael? “That’s easy you see☆It’s because I had this set of textbooks, you know! Just do this easy training everyday for three minutes per 150 sets and you’ll become just like me☆Also, what’s in these textbooks is a menu of 1028 ways you can do it, so even people who get tired of the same old routines can rest easy! And this time, we’ll even throw in an “Automatic Water-boiler” which was a big hit when we sold it the other day, and all this is only 3980 Yen!!!(In 100 payments of 3980 Yen every month)
(From his blog)
Thanks to the retro and stylish artwork, the crudeness of the song and the lyrics suddenly seemed cool.


Artwork used in the video for the song. Title of song is also from artwork title. (Illust: buchiko@Piapro)

Description: This song dominated the music and overall daily rankings this week, getting 11,000+ Mylists in less than a week, which will definitely secure its place in the Weekly Vocaloid Rankings, and has already been attached with the “VOCALOID殿堂入り” (Vocaloid Hall of Fame) tag. Also, T-POCKET’s video comment is intentionally meaningless and out of place, and I’m sure we all had fun reading it regardless. This song is T-POCKET’s first widely well-received song, with his next most Mylisted song only having 94 Mylists.

Original Lyrics









降りしきる雨の中 止まるべき錨を捨て



Transliteration By viridian_lights@Livejournal. (Original Post)

itaikena MOTION
furi kireru MOTION
igai, igai
ikeru mono ne

kuri kaesu mondou
kotae nara muyou
kirai, kirai shibaranai de

hitori bocchi no “bocchi” wo osu no
yamete, yoshite no mousou de

kaenai mono nado nai no desu
tenjite ieba nani mono mo
nedan wo tsukete uru no desu
sontoku no kanjyou wa nai no

HONNORI to shoushou
CHIRAMISE no honshou
zurui, zurui kawaikunai

sore naraba koushyou
ZURUMUKE no honshou
kusai, kusai hashitanai wa

machigai sagashi no PEARUKKU
are to kore to sore to dore

akitara GAMU wo suteru you ni
arata na koi wo sagasu douri
PUZZLE no dekoboko igai ni mo
dare to demo hamaru no da

furi shikiru ame no naka tomaru beki ikari wo sutete
jinsei wa “KOUKAI” toiu na no funatabi da

saegiru mono wo ageru naraba
kokoro to doutoku, houritsu ka
otakai kabe mo too mawari wo
shita naraba “hora, konnichiwa”

“AI” to wa nanzo to towarereba
sore wa “WATASHI” to kotae you zo
hibiwareshi nikui dake nano de, DAIYA nado iranai no desu


An innocent motion
Shaking off tension
Surprising, surprising
That’s what living things are, aren’t they?

Repeating questions and answers
It’ll be useless even if you answer
I hate it, I hate it, stop holding me back!

Attaching the “a” on “alone”
Cease and desist, they’re delusions!

They’re like the things you can buy.
As long as you change someone’s opinion with something,
then they’ll put a price on it and sell it to you.
There are no feelings of respect or honour.

“Faintly” and “just a little bit”
Giving someone a peek would be your true character
Sneaky, sneaky, that’s not cute!

“If that’s the way it goes, then let’s do it this way”
Aiming for the cunning would be your true character
Fishy, fishy, that’s just vulgar!

A couple’s matching outfits where people try to find mistakes in
“That” and “this” and “that” and “which?”

Like spitting out gum you’ve grown tired of chewing,
That’s the rationale for finding new love.
The chance that two pieces of a puzzle fit together,
is just as random as the chance that you’ll fit someone else.

In the middle of pouring rain you have to drop an anchor to stop
Life is a boat trip called “Regret”

Raising obstructions if at all possible
Mind and morals, are these laws?
Taking a detour around the haughty wall,
if possible. “Look! Hello!”

If you ask what “LOVE” and stuff are,
To that I’ll answer something like “ME”.
If you say that you really hate cracks, then I don’t think you need anything like diamonds.

Translation Notes:
1 – “Attaching the “a” on “alone””: Original says “Attaching the “bocchi” on “hitoribocchi”.” “Hitoribocchi” in Japanese means solitude, and is made up of the words “One person” (hitori) and “bocchi” (Bhuddist Priest), and the line of lyrics are wondering how adding “bocchi” on makes any sense at all. Tried my best to find the English equivalent, and came up with “alone” because it’s “a” and “lone”, “lone” being the closest thing to “hitori” as I could find.
2 – “They’re like the things you can buy.”: Literal translation was “They’re not like the things you can’t buy.”, but I took out the double negatives to make it less confusing.
3 – “Life is a boat trip called “Regret””: For “Regret”, the original lyrics put in “KOUKAI” without the Chinese characters that specify which meaning that the same combination of letters represents, and since “koukai” (without specification) has about 10 different meanings including “high seas”, “reform”, “regret”, “public meeting”, “voyage”, and more, I just chose one of the seemingly more fitting ones out of my own accord.
4 – “”Look! Hello!””: In the video, this line is displayed with accompanying words “Hello” in different languages, but only the Japanese “konnichiwa” is sung in the song.