【Lyrics】 1925

Everybody else’s song of the week, and also my (other) song of the week. \o/

This post consists of three parts:
1. Original lyrics
2. Transliteration (by viridian_lights@Livejournal)
3. Translation


Lyrics: T-POCKET
Compose: T-POCKET
Arrange: T-POCKET
Illustration: buchiko
Vocals: Hatsune Miku

Nico | Youtube
MP3 | Instrumental
English Subbed Video (Alternate and better translation by KataGatar)


T-POCKET’s comment:
(From niconico)
【The awesome artwork and title were borrowed from buchiko at piapro. Thank you so much.】Today I will introduce everyone to a marvelous friend☆This is Michael! He has an attractive face AND he’s good at chatting. He’s also good-natured, handsome, and to top it all off, a bonus are these muscles of his! So, my boastful friends..! Huuuh?! Did you just say you want to be like him? What do you say to that, Michael? “That’s easy you see☆It’s because I had this set of textbooks, you know! Just do this easy training everyday for three minutes per 150 sets and you’ll become just like me☆Also, what’s in these textbooks is a menu of 1028 ways you can do it, so even people who get tired of the same old routines can rest easy! And this time, we’ll even throw in an “Automatic Water-boiler” which was a big hit when we sold it the other day, and all this is only 3980 Yen!!!(In 100 payments of 3980 Yen every month)
(From his blog)
Thanks to the retro and stylish artwork, the crudeness of the song and the lyrics suddenly seemed cool.

Artwork used in the video for the song. Title of song is also from artwork title. (Illust: buchiko@Piapro)

Description: This song dominated the music and overall daily rankings this week, getting 11,000+ Mylists in less than a week, which will definitely secure its place in the Weekly Vocaloid Rankings, and has already been attached with the “VOCALOID殿堂入り” (Vocaloid Hall of Fame) tag. Also, T-POCKET’s video comment is intentionally meaningless and out of place, and I’m sure we all had fun reading it regardless. This song is T-POCKET’s first widely well-received song, with his next most Mylisted song only having 94 Mylists.

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My song of the week. It’s been on endless loop, and I can’t get enough of that synthed sax.

This post consists of three parts:
1. Original lyrics
2. Transliteration
3. Translation


Lyrics: Miksolodyne-ts
Compose: Miksolodyne-ts
Arrange: Miksolodyne-ts
PV: オサレP (OSARE P)
Vocals: Megurine Luka

Nico | Youtube
MP3 | Instrumental


Miksolodyne-ts’s Comment:
ts here. This is my 3rd collaboration with OSAREP! Made this song since I was inspired by Yamamoto New’s incredible song, which has that one phrase that always gets stuck in my head. (Of course this song probably couldn’t do the same…but OSAREP’s spectacular night images will cover that.) Here are some works that I think have really good taste in everything, from the melody to the song to the artwork to the lyrics, and have made me both deeply moved and jealous→mylist/15135721(Except there are still a lot of other really awesome people I didn’t cover…)Plugging!→nm8265110

Shot from the PV by オサレP

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