This picture speaks for itself

nayu is an amateur illustrator who is quite famous on Pixiv for her hilarious and high quality illustrations. Her artwork is mostly of Vocaloid, and the character she draws (and likes) the most is KAITO. nayu’s chair is white, her computer is black, and she has a dog.

nayu’s illustration style is for the most part in the anime-style, with lots of exaggerated expressions and poses, as well as a colouring style kind of reminiscent of modern visual novels, but she draws almost all of her characters with small, slightly almond-shaped eyes and realistic body proportions(Warning: Half-naked men). Her works also have an insanely high level of completion, with superclean lines, accurate shading, organized compositions, and a really good eye for matching up a lot of different colours. nayu usually uses pastel colours with nearly no black lines, and same-colour-but-darker colours for shading. The overwhelming majority of her work are Vocaloid-themed, and it is apparent that her favourite out of all of them is KAITO, as she seems to like making (good) fun of him the most. What sets nayu’s Vocaloid art apart from the rest is that her pictures are either extremely silly and hilarious, with unfathomable poses and themes, or really pretty and cool. It also helps that nayu is really good at drawing different facial expressions, and all of them are expressed very well and really brings the characters to life. Besides drawing Vocaloid characters, she also has an original, unnamed character who she likes to draw. Also worth mentioning is that nayu does not seem to know what the definition of a “doodle” is at all.

Pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=268443
Blog: http://pixiv.cc/nayu3/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/nayu03
Piapro: http://piapro.jp/nayu3