【Singer】奈緒 (Nao)


奈緒 (Nao) is an amateur female singer on niconico. She is not very well-known, and her best-received work was a cover of 古川P (FurukawaP)’s ピアノ・レッスン (Piano Lesson), at 5,200+ views and 267 Mylists. She is able to sing in both Japanese and English, and has also uploaded videos of herself playing pretty difficult songs on the piano.

Nao’s voice is extremely versatile, and changes her voice according to the requirements of the song. Examples of her versatility include singing in a slightly cute voice with enough maturity to not change the mood of a song, singing all of a choir’s parts by herself, imitating both Kagamine Len’s and Kagamine Rin’s voices almost to perfection with Vocaloid-like articulation, and singing in a mature, deeper voice suitable for jazz, amongst many others. Nao is great at hitting all the notes with no glaring mistakes, although that may be due to (slight) editing and auto-tuning that she does herself. A slightly more definable trait in her songs is that she sings with a bit of legato in everything. As well, she is very good setting up a gentle, relaxing, and easy-to-listen mood in all her songs. Although Nao sings with slightly accented English, I find that her pronounciation is extremely good and is very unlike the usual “Japanese English”. Even her short English comments on her videos have completely correct grammar.

Essential Works:
1. ピアノ・レッスン (Piano Lesson) (niconico link) **Highly Recommended for use as background music**
2. Hail Holy Queen (niconico link) *Solo Choir*
3. 雨を連れゆく (niconico link) *Kagamine Len Imitation*

Mylist: http://www.nicovideo.jp/mylist/5565901