Original character. Click to enlarge.

uturo is an amateur illustrator from Pixiv whose distinctively styled artwork appears on the daily rankings relatively often. Little is known about uturo as he does not have a website. uturo is a university student, his birthday is on January 28th, and is from Okayama Prefecture in Japan.

uturo’s illustration style is definitely on the realistic side. Much of his artwork depict young girls with large eyes and smooth skin, and with actual noses. Skin shading is impeccable and natural, and even in rough drawings they are shaded accurately. As well, a lot of his drawings include unique mechanical components, and are always well incorporated with the “organic” humans. However, uturo’s most distinctive feature are the very slick and modern colour palettes, usually defined with a grey background and neon-like shades (usually cyan, yellow, and purple) as highlights. To make the contrast more apparent, skin and clothing are usually of muted shades. uturo is also very good at defining shadows with opposite shades (instead of the same shade but darker), and almost all of his artwork are devoid of black outlines, making everything seem less 2D and more blended and smooth. Also, there are a lot of parts in his illustrations that look kind of unfinished, but instead of looking out of place, it fits in extremely well with his style. Lastly, most of uturo’s characters are in static poses, and usually have a sort of subdued expression on their faces, and these two things make his illustrations give off a mature and stylish feel.

uturo is fast becoming one of my favourite artists on Pixiv, and certainly deserves more attention. Please check out his artwork if you like cool, futuristic artwork with a slight Murata Range-like feel!

Pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=23908
drawr: http://drawr.net/miyuki128
Twitter: https://twitter.com/uturo
uturo’s OekakiChat Room: http://www.takamin.com/oekakichat/user/oekakichat3.php?userid=389349
niconico Community: http://ch.nicovideo.jp/community/co51534
Stickam: http://www.stickam.jp/profile/uturo128