【Top 10】 初音ミクオリジナル曲 / Hatsune Miku Original Songs

These are my own favourites (x10!), and it took me a long time to decide on them. Also included covers sung by human singers on niconico as well as remixes/re-arranges by other composers (versions using other Vocaloids are excluded). * = Recommended. Note: These are subject to change every year.

ごめんなsorry (Gomen na Sorry/Sorry)
by あわあわp (awawaP)

Click to enlarge. (Illust: クロ天@Piapro)

Youtube + Lyrics Translation

A light-hearted song about being sorry for numerous (funny) things, but in the end is just a general “I’m sorry” song. Very funny lyrics with a few Japanese slangs in it, which just makes me love it even more. The melody is catchy, relaxing, and Miku’s voice tuning in this is soft and is easy to listen to. I could put this song on repeat for quite a while.

Covers: (YAMAI) (niconico link) / (Usa) (niconico link) / リツカ (RITSUKA) (niconico link)


ピアノ・レッスン (Piano Lesson)
by 古川P (FurukawaP)

PV: 古川P

Youtube + Lyrics Translation

A chill and relaxing ambient song, and because of this is one of the most loopable Vocaloid songs out there. I can’t get enough of that tinkling piano, the low, deep bass sound, and the occassional tapping percussion gives it pretty good depth. Miku’s slightly suppressed voice complements the rest of the “very dreamy” feel that the song gives off, and was tuned extremely fittingly. I’m surprised at how unintrusive her voice is, actually. The lyrics and the PV are unfortunately a little too abstract and metaphorical for me to understand fully, though I might have to watch “The Piano” to get the gist of it since that’s what the whole song is based on.

Covers: タミフル (Tamiflu) (niconico link) / 奈緒* (niconico link)


by baker

Click to enlarge. (Illust: キイロ@Pixiv)

「carol」 song by 初音ミク 【ロボだこれー!?】

Very upbeat and catchy song with what may be one of the cutest(?) beginning-5-seconds intros. The main illustration for this is really cute too even though I normally despise cute things, but as usual things are not what they seem as this is a yandere-themed song. Since I really like yandere and upbeat synths, this song flew straight into my top 10. Unfortunately it is a little shallow, but that’s its only shortcoming. The remixes are pretty awesome too. Viva baker and friends!

Covers: Linco@Aliced Twilightz (niconico link) / spiLa; kz remix ver. (niconico link) / カナエ (KANAE); kz remix ver. (niconico link)
Remixes: kz (livetune) (muzie link) / iroha(sasaki) (niconico link) / OSTER Project* (niconico link)
PV: (niconico link)


*ハロー、プラネット。 (*Hello, Planet.)
by sasakure.UK

PV: sasakure.UK

Youtube + English Subtitles

Great and addicting melody with extremely good lyrics and PV. At first I was only addicted to the song itself, but after reading the lyrics it was able to make me shed half a tear, so it automatically got into my Top 10 since it evoked an emotional response from me. Incredibly deep impression, and I really love the world end theme. Despite being chiptune pop, which I usually shy away from, it doesn’t sound annoying or too low-tech at all, and has enough depth to keep me looping it. As per usual with sasakure.UK’s PVs, it is high quality, tells a story, and is never boring. Those sprites are..!

Covers: Milia* (niconico link) / あにま (anima) (niconico link)


いつもより泣き虫な空 (Itsumo yori Nakimushi na Sora/A Sky Who’s Being a Bigger Crybaby Than Usual)
by れるりり (reruriri)

Click to enlarge. (Illust: みさぎ和@Pixiv)

Youtube + Lyrics Translation

Quite a new song at the time of this post, but on my first listen it made me want to loop it over and over again, and even after looping it far too many times, I still can’t get enough of it. It was like love at first listen, and the composer was right to call it a “至高のバラード(当社比)” [Supreme Ballad (compared to our competitors)]. What I like most about this song is the relaxing, gentle, and slightly melancholic melody typical of ballads, but unlike most other Vocaloid songs, the intrumentals for this uses a real (as in not synthed) guitar, piano, and bass, and it shows. Another thing to note is how incredible the vocal tuning for this song is. reruriri was really able to get Miku to sing without using cheap tricks (like lowering the vocals’ volume or vocoding it), and even with clear vocal projection, there was no trace of rigidity whatsoever, and everything sounds really natural. Absolutely awesome!

Cover: H+ero (niconico link) / 小松菜 (komatsuna) (niconico link) / 梅宮雛 (UMEMIYA Hina)** (niconico link)


ライカ (Laika)
by 彩音 ~xi-on~ (Saion)

Click to enlarge. (Illust: CPUX4@Pixiv)

【初音ミク】 ライカ 【オリジナル曲】
Youtube + Lyrics Translation

Really underrated and godly song that deserves way more attention than it gets. Great, upbeat, and catchy melody (where have we heard this before?), but beneath that is a really sad story about Laika and her impending fate. The lyrics were written from Laika’s point of view, and the innocent tone it is written it makes it even more gut-wrenchingly sad. Miku’s sincere tone (ie. not her usual-ish cutesy one) fits the song to a T, and further reinforces the innocent-like atmosphere.

Covers: たぶん自分 (Tabun Jibun/Probably Myself) (niconico link) / こめる (komeru) (niconico link)


サイハテ (SAIHATE/The Farthest End)
by 小林オニキス (Kobayashi Onyx)

Click to enlarge. (Illust: 小林オニキス)

【初音ミク】 サイハテ 【アニメ風PV・オリジナル曲】
Youtube + English Subtitles

The not really obligatory “super popular song everyone knows”, which is another really sad song with an energetic melody. Although the great music was the initial draw for me, my favourite part of this was the theme, which is mourning a loved one, and is therefore a Vocaloid requiem of sorts. The lyrics are very sincere and even gives off a sense of hope, something I really appreciate and love. The bold and well-designed PV is a must-see as well.

uinona (niconico link) / spiLa (Piano bossa arrange) (niconico link) / nayuta (Heavenly Mix) (niconico link) / 花たん (Hana-tan) (niconico link) / セリユ (SERIYU) (niconico link) / うさ (Usa) (niconico link)
kz* (niconico link) / 黒うさP (Kuro UsaP) (Ballad Arrange) (niconico link) / EastNewSound (Heavenly Mix) (niconico link) / Sora (Piano Inst. Arrange) (niconico link) / Anon (Piano bossa arrange) (niconico link)
Piano Visualizer (kz remix ver.) (niconico link) / Tegaki PV(Different interpretation) (niconico link) / Illustration Process PV* (niconico link)


火葬曲 (Kasoukyoku/Cremation Melody)
by No.D

PV: 上野悠仁

Youtube + Lyrics Translation

One of the first few Vocaloid songs I heard, and to this day I still can’t get over how great this song is. It not only belongs to the very refreshing genre of “shuffle rock”, it is also catchy and relatively dark at the same time. I love the slight organ sounds too. As for vocal tuning, Miku’s voice might still have a hint of the rigid robot voice, but the general flow of singing the lyrics is smooth, flexible, and to me, the “Ah!” at the beginning of the song sounded great. Besides the music, the thing that drove me wild with admiration is the PV. The kinetic typography in it is way too awesome, and mixed with the great 3D model and fluid animation, this absolutely deserves to be in the Vocaloid PV hall of fame. Oh, and the title and lyrics are beyond cool. Aw yeah, cremation!

Covers: 実谷なな (MITANI Nana)** (niconico link) / 栗プリン (Kuri Purin)* (niconico link) / わたあめ (wataamae)* (niconico link) / amu (niconico link)


by baker

PV: baker

「celluloid」 song by 初音ミク
celluloid retake: Youtube | Nico
Youtube + Lyrics Translation

This song is probably the reason why baker is my favourite Vocaloid composer, because he was able to compose such a sincere and heartfelt song and get people to like it without relying on a shiny PV or some other promotion tactic. celluloid’s gentle melody flows extremely well, and gives a feeling of lingering sadness (at least that’s what I felt). Everytime I hear it, it kinda makes me want to cry. Miku’s tuning is exceptional as well. Even though there is some speck of her usual mechanical voice, most of the song is sung with a mellow, slightly raspy tone, which really makes the song sound more heartrending and emotional. The depth of this song is so overwhelming I can’t describe it well since it gives me so many different feelings. You have to hear it to believe it. Oh, and I personally prefer the original version rather than the retake, but seriously, you can’t go wrong with either.

Covers: サリヤ人 (SARIYAjin) (niconico link) / トゥライ (Tourai)* (niconico link) / うさ (Usa)* (niconico link) / はるよ*** (niconico link)


1/6 (Roku-bun no ichi/One-sixth)
by ぼーかりおどP (vocaliodP) aka noa

Illust: 太朗

Youtube + Lyrics Translation

And here it is, the Top of the Top 10, and also one of my most looped songs ever. However, unlike the rest of the songs I like, I wasn’t particularly swayed over by the melody or the vocals, but what’s absolutely key here are the lyrics. Although they’re written quite simply, the emotion and sincerity the lyrics convey is incredibly genuine, warm, and so, SO earnest. There is no other set of lyrics in any other Vocaloid songs that gives off this kind of feeling, and for this reason alone, it is already one of my favourite songs ever. However, this song is NOT all about the lyrics (though it could be), but the music and its arrangement is top-notch too. The guitar can sound a little heavy sometimes, but the beat just flows so well with the vocals, and to me, reinforces the feeling of the lyrics. The vocal tuning is quite great, but in my opinion the Miku’s pitch is a little too high for my tastes.

Covers: そらこ (sorako) (niconico link) / クノール (Knorr) (niconico link)
Remixes: 所P (ark attack mix) (niconico link)