【Lyrics】 ライカ (Laika)

An extremely good (but unfortunately underrated) song that I hold in very high regards. Also one of the few that makes me really sad. The lyrics are awesome. As usual, please comment with any corrections to the translation that you want to suggest. I felt like I did an okay job this time though.

This post consists of four parts:
1. Original lyrics
2. Transliteration (by sakustar@Livejournal)
3. Translation
4. Recommended covers

「ライカ」 (Laika)
Lyrics: 彩音P (xi-onP)
Compose: 彩音P (xi-onP)
Arrange: 彩音P (xi-onP)
Vocals: 初音ミク (HATSUNE Miku)

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MP3* | Instrumental**
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小さな僕は どういう訳か
もうすぐここを 離れるらしい

他の仲間より 僕が少し
出来が良かった ただ、それだけらしい


世界中の人達と 未来のためだと
なんか、凄いことを 僕に託すらしい
少し、照れるな 責任の重い役目だ
胸張って行ってくるよ すぐに

日ごと周りが 慌しくなる
何かお祭り あるのかな?いいな

皆、いつもより 優しい気がする
僕の出番かな? いつだっていいよ


「轟音」と「衝撃」 秒速8kmの世界
凄く、怖いよ! 何が起こってるっていうんだ!
でも、どんな事にも 耐えてみせるよ!
そしてまた、帰ってきて 褒められるんだ。
いいでしょう? ねえ?…。

Transliteration By sakustar@Livejournal. (Original post)

chiisana boku ha dou iu wake ka
mou sugu koko wo hanareru rashii

hoka no nakama yori boku ga sukoshi
deki ga yokatta tada, sore dake rashii

tada, boku ha homerareru koto ga
ureshikatta dake nanda
dare yori mo okubyou dakara

sekaijuu no hitotachi to mirai no tame da to
nanka, sugoi koto wo boku ni takusu rashii
sukoshi, tereru na sekinin no omoi yakume da
maa demo, sore naraba
mune hatte itte kuru yo sugu ni

hi goto mawari ga awatadashiku naru
nanika o-matsuri aru no kana? ii na

minna, itsumo yori yasashii ki ga suru
boku no deban kana? itsudatte ii yo

omotta yori mo chiisana hako de
mi ugoki hitotsu dekinai na
sukoshi, kinchou suru keredo
otonashiku shite iru kara

[gouon] to [shougeki] byousoku hachi kilo no sekai
sugoku, kowai yo! nani ga okotteru tte iu nda!
demo, donna koto ni mo taete miseru yo!
soshite mata, kaette kite homerareru nda.
ii deshou? nee? …

Translation Note: The lyrics are written in the first-person(?) perspective of Laika, a dog.

What kind of ending will little old me have?
Looks like I’ll have to leave this place soon.

Compared to my other friends, I was just a little
more…talented. That’s all there is to it.

But whenever I got complimented,
I felt pretty glad,
since because I was more timid than everyone else,
I didn’t want to offend anyone or make them angry.

Being for the sake of everyone in the world and for the sake of the future,
it’s pretty amazing that they’re letting ME do this.
I feel a little, well, embarassed, about being given such an important duty,
But if this is what it came to,
I’ll hold my head high and go through with it, right now!

It became busy around me all of a sudden.
Is there a festival or something going on? That’s so nice!

It feels like everyone was nicer to me than usual.
I wonder if it’s my turn now? I’m ready for it any time!

In a box that was even smaller than I imagined,
I couldn’t move even a tiny bit.
I feel a little nervous, but
I’m going to do like I was told to since I’m a good boy.

“Bang” and “Crash”. Going at 8 kilometres every second,
I feel really, really scared! I couldn’t even tell what just happened!
But you know, no matter what, I’ll show you that I can handle this!
So later, when I come back home, please compliment me again!
Okay? Hey?..

Translation Notes:
1 – “…more…talented”: Added ellipses in front of “talented”, since the speaker is more humble than boastful in that line.
2 – “…to offend anyone or make them angry.” Added “or make them angry” which wasn’t in the original text to emphasize that the speaker didn’t want to antagonize anyone in any way.
3 – “…that they’re letting ME do this”: Original text translated to “entrusting this to me”, which I felt sounded too formal.
4 – “…hold my head high”: Original text was “puff out my chest”, but the literal translation has a different meaning in English.
5 – “It became busy around me all of a sudden.”: Original text translated to “My normal surroundings became busy”, but I felt that it seemed too formal, and we didn’t need to emphasize normal surroundings in English.
6 – “…since I’m a good boy.”: Original text translated to “I’ll do it obediently”, but once again was a little too formal.
7 – “…couldn’t even tell”: Added “even”.
8 – “…please compliment me again!”: Added “again” to make it sound less demanding than it would’ve without the addition, and to make it sound more hopeful.
9 – Also added some exclamation marks where needed.

Recommended Covers

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