【Illustrator】鈴木康士 (SUZUKI Yasushi)


Isa from Sin & Punishment 2. Click here for full size

鈴木康士 (SUZUKI Yasushi), sometimes under the pen name of D-SUZUKI or E-SUZUKI, is a professional freelance illustrator best known for his work on videogames Ikaruga and Sin and Punishment. He has also done illustrations for novel covers, most notably the Japanese translation of A Song of Ice and Fire, as well as for trading cards and magazines. He currently resides in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, his blood type is B, and he loves drinking and smoking (Although he is reportedly cutting back quite a bit on the latter).

Suzuki’s style is best described as grungy realism. He uses a lot of muted and cool colours, which gives a lot of his pictures a serious or even melancholy atmosphere, and all his characters have defined lips and noses. What makes his artwork slightly diverge from true realism, however, is that he is capable of drawing extravagant outfits and hairstyles, and some of the characters he draw are a little on the thin side. He’s also very good at drawing and detailing objects such as ships and mechanical robots or components. His shading is also quite unique, sometimes using a lot of low-contrast shading for a rougher look and sometimes using a little bit of high-contrast shades to give significant depth. Of course, being a professional, he is capable of a lot of other styles as well, from the classic painting, oil painting-like, plain lines and colouring, and even photograph quality buildings.


Shinra & Kagari from Ikaruga. Click here to enlarge.

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