【Singer】ノワール (Noir)


ノワール (Noir) is a female singer on nicovideo who got her big break singing TokuP’s song SPiCa. She started uploading her songs since February 2009, and has been improving very rapidly. Her birthday is on February 15th, and she likes reporting about the growing process of the Morning Glory that she’s growing in her garden.

Noir’s voice is very mature and emotional, and she uses vibrato a lot, which makes her good at singing jazz-y songs. The commentors on nicovideo seem to like her a lot because she doesn’t have a common anime seiyuu-like voice. She’s also relatively familiar with English, and has sung a few songs with pronounciation that ranges from accurate to almost native speaker-like. She’s quite good at hitting the high notes and especially at sustaining the notes for a long time. She also seems to have great breath control, and is able to hit all her notes fully.

Because of how overwhelmingly great I think her songs are, I am unable to give a fair description of what she’s capable of, so please listen to her songs.

Essential Works:
1. Fly Me to the Moon (From her blog) Highly recommended
2. SPiCa (nicovideo) *Representative Work*
3. ヒカリノカケラ (Fragment of Light) (nicovideo)

Blog: http://noiretmusique.blog47.fc2.com/
Nicovideo Mylist: http://www.nicovideo.jp/mylist/11540996
Playlist at Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=11057C0F7B97E7CB