Kurot is an amateur artist from Canada who has forayed into the doujin scene, and has participated in a few Japanese conventions and doujinshi anthologies. She is very well-known in the international scene and also quite popular at Pixiv. She started drawing in 1995, does most of her art in Photoshop, and her sister is kl. Her birthday is May 4th.

Kurot’s style has changed throughout the years, but one thing that has stayed consistent is that everything looks completely finished and official art-like (a trait that she shares with kl). She uses a few different colouring styles, which include the solid anime look (usually seen in her fanart of Reborn!), softly brushed shading and pastel-like colours (usually in Touhou), and low contrast shading with coloured or faded lines (from her older pictures). She uses different eye styles too, depending on the picture, so in short, kurot is really versatile and can draw in different styles, but they all seem to have her own flair in composition, facial expressions, and atmosphere. Kurot is also quite talented in character design, and won a mascot contest for a Canadian anime convention. She has also started an original RPG project of her own called Altona Braver, which is still in its concept stage and have no programming or game mechanics done yet, but the characters and their profiles are for the most part completed.

In addition to drawing static pictures, she’s also made parody videos like this one.

Website: http://moecon.net/area27/
Deviantart: http://kurot.deviantart.com/
Pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=42675
drawr: http://drawr.net/kurot
Tegaki: http://www.unowen.net/tegaki/uentries.php?u=7359
Livejournal: http://kurot.livejournal.com/
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/aschxluke