【Illustrator】 曽我部修司


曽我部修司 (SOGABE Shuji) is an illustrator and manga artist most well known for his artwork and character designs for 旋光の輪舞 (Senko no Ronde), and for his manga adaptations for the popular Persona 3 and Persona 4 games. He works closely with fellow artist 高山瑞季 (TAKAYAMA Mizuki), and they used to be a group named Citronette.

His defining characteristics include incredibly clean lines and use of slight gaussian blur. His colour style can vary a lot, but it is usually blended and has a gradient.  As well, his characters are usually skinny and somewhat long-limbed.

Sogabe’s current projects include doing the art and character designs for the second installment of Senko no Ronde, SnR Dis-United Order, providing artwork and designs for Million KNights Vermilion, and working on his own manga, 黒き翼のカドルヴェイン (vanedeflex).

Blog: http://shujisogabe.jugem.jp/ (Everything he has worked on is listed in his profile.)