RE:Bakemonogatari 1

Click for ultra high-res version.

First time downloading an episode and watching it in full screen \o/ The result was gorgeous. Every frame was screencappable, seriously. I wonder how I will go back to streaming anime hahahaha.

Anyways, lovely lovely episode. The animation quality is extremely high and I couldn’t help but gawk at everything. There were a lot of still scenes but that really added to the mood. The way the characters were drawn were really faithful to VOFAN’s original depictions too. I dig! Really nice presentation style too. So artsy…As with SHAFT’s usual stuff they liked using lots of text to make it seem more epic, and being kind of a sucker for nice text I loved the touch.

Things that stood out:

Will probably keep downloading for the eye candy but may or may not be blogging. Everyone else and their goat will blog it anyways right!