Finally a significant WordPress original post! Sorry for all the reposts from before, but I thought it was necessary. orz.


Anyways, よっぺい (yoppei) is seriously my favourite male singer on nicovideo. I usually listen to mostly female singers on there, but whomg yoppei.

What makes me like him the most is that he is kind of a troll maybe?! A happy and really skillful one. He picks lots of popular songs to sing (and break), and it turns into a really nice mess. He is more than capable of singing a serious and good rendition, but he just CHOOSES to do whatever the hell he likes, and that is what makes me like his songs so much. It’s so RAW. Okay not really.

Since he is totally unrestrained, he adds a million little things to the song that ups a song’s relistening value by about 500 times. I mean, there’s only so many times you can listen to Cagayake!GIRLS and not get sick of it, but for yoppei’s version, I somehow keep finding new stuff in with almost every listen.

Of course, his renditions also kind of ruin the real song to some extent. After listening to his version of 炉心融解, I can’t listen to the serious version anymore without filling in his yelling in my head. It’s insane! No wonder they tag his videos with 原曲ブレイカー (Original version breaker).

yoppei’s stuff might be an acquired taste though, I think. He is extremely noisy and some people don’t find it funny, but HEY.

So in summary, distinct things about yoppei:

  • Really loud
  • Really popular
  • Really strong + good voice (ゴム-like even. See おっくせんまん on Nico)
  • Total freedom = him adding in 9385026 improvisations to the song
  • Uploads little talk show-like videos which are full of lol
  • Also uploads videos of him singing!! Really rare for usual utattemita artists, but.
  • Did many Cirno substitution songs
  • Is somewhat a topic of fanart on Pixiv

Nicovideo profile: http://www.nicovideo.jp/user/3131320
Videos transloaded on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=よっぺい&search=tag